Clearer Thinking and Better Decision Making: Podcast Ep 179

Today’s radio show is about mental models and how they help us with clearer thinking and better decision making. Nicola is very enthusiastic about mental models and gives us a rundown of those available from Kaizen to the Pareto Principle via the weakest link (no, not that one). She talks of Gary Vee, James Schramko, Eli Goldratt and Stephen Covey and surprises me by describing the Law of Attraction as a mental model.

It becomes clear during our discussion that it isn’t just a matter of researching and studying and being aware of all these models but of finding one which suits you and using it regularly, not least because several of the models (all of which work) contradict each other! We go from chaotic thinking via swirling emotions (again) to deathbed decisions and take in continuous improvement en route. Nicola reminds us of some models which are familiar and describes others and I am reminded just what a vast array of things there are out there to help us with clearer thinking and better faster decision making.

Or, as I say to my clients: What are you thinking and what are you feeling? And which one are you going to go with? I definitely believe that being able to take a good fast-ish decision is paramount to success and happiness in business and in life and I know there is nothing worse than my clients swirling around in their emotions, unable to make a decision. Equally, not all decisions need to be made fast, as I describe in the show. Sometimes we can take good logical steps to allow ourselves sometimes to sit with the guiding feelings, honour them, sleep on them for a few days and allow them to yield up their wisdom.

Wisdom just also happens to be my word of the week and Nicola picks Smart.


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In other news, the beach has been bulldozed in Stoupa which officially heralds Summer. Nicola’s been offered superfast broadband (woo hoo!) and her 30 Day Challenge has converted well to paying clients. There’s talk of intrepid folks Hal and Linda, and people we admire such as Lisa and Glenn, and we once again mention the Women’s Equality Party which has a lovely Centenary Membership to celebrate 100 years of women having the vote. I am going to buy it for myself as my 2018 birthday present to me from me.

I also discover Holistic Helen to whom I attribute (along with kefir and vitamin C) feeling better in myself than I have for ages. Her consulting room is also the first time I’ve been HOT in a month.

Our respective fires have been fuelled by lovely feedback from grateful clients we have loved working with and who are achieving great results, paying us promptly and abundantly, leaving us great reviews on Amazon and Facebook and, in my case, sending in photos of themselves with a copy of my book in their hands. I LOVE that!

Project updates include my first sale via Amazon’s Expanded Distribution. I explain to Nicola what that is and why it could be very exciting for me and my book. She’s got a new website for her Clicks and Leads Academy, is back using FB Ads (don’t ask how!) and he shares our latest podcast download numbers which are three times what they were on iTunes since we switched to Radio Public. We are beyond delighted that listener numbers have gone from 1500/1700 per month to 5000 after all this time and the relationship with RP seems delightful for all concerned. And they even pay us a few dollars too. Top news all round for our poddy.

When it comes to who or what’s impressed us is Matt Duggan and Russell Brand (Nicola) and Harry Bosch 4 on Amazon Prime (me).

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