Clocks Go Back

The Darkness approaching the UKFor most of my adult life, the day the clocks go back always used to be the worst day of my year. Summer is my favourite season and I can usually find ways to string it out until the end of October, weather willing, as it has been this year. But once the clocks go back there’s no kidding anyone any more, myself included. We are plunged into the darkness and the cold inevitably follows. I can’t pretend and I can no longer suspend disbelief.

I used to allow this day to be the darkest day of all my year. And then I realised I didn’t have to let that happen. Instead of habitually being depressed by the dark and by the onset of winter, I could simply rise above it, not notice or not get sucked into that particular vortex. It was my choice. Who knew?

I made that choice a few years back, not long ago, maybe five or six at the most and although I have an awareness of what’s going on, of course I do otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this piece on this day, I choose to let my spirits soar above it. I just don’t go there anymore.

This has coincided with a lot of similar choices I’ve made about my life in the last decade, about what’s real and what’s not. And about precisely how much power I have to choose and assert the power of my thoughts over everything and anything, and to improve my life by simply picking those better options. Either I can get in amongst something (anything) and love it, or I can choose not to notice or not make it my reality, or I can turn my eyes elsewhere aware of what’s going on but that it doesn’t necessarily need to involve me. And that applies to 100% of everything. I can manage all of my thoughts and emotions for the best outcome in every area of my life. That’s empowering to know and vital to implement.

I’m not telling you it’s easy, not initially anyway, but it is possible. I’ve chosen to become mistress of the light not prey to the darkness. What’s your nemesis? How could you rewrite that story now?

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