Club 100: Every Entrepreneur Is Unique

Club 100If you compare yourself to another business owner, you are likely to find yourself wanting. Don’t do it. We are each of us unique. We have surprising strengths and different weakness and our operating systems and internal ‘ometers’, hopes and dreams are all blissfully our own.

My Club 100 coaching group is coming up to its first birthday. Currently we have nineteen members though we have gained a lost a few on the way. I’ve done a quick mental audit of them all today and here’s a list of some of things I notice they have mastered and achieved, separately and as a team. ¬† How to:

  • make better decisions
  • manifest unexpected opportunities without meddling in the cursed hows
  • make your dreams come true, however unrealistic they might seem at the outset
  • notice the infinite choices you have in your life where perhaps you thought there were none
  • express your individuality through your business and not be swayed by the crowd (unless you want to be)
  • blog regularly
  • master marketing
  • drop old unhelpful habits and create new positive ones
  • cope with change thrust upon you and changes you choose, accidentally or on purpose
  • juggle family and personal commitments and still stay sane AND move the business forward
  • play Rich Dad’s Cashflow 101 game and “win”
  • have an international business career while building up a business on the side
  • come back from a period of time off work and find oneself again
  • enhance self esteem and improve wellbeing
  • network effectively and make magical connections
  • price yourself and your work and ask for what you are truly worth
  • work smarter
  • make enough profit to achieve debt freedom
  • launch an online course
  • take a long holiday from the business without it crumbling
  • relocate with family
  • be happy
  • reinvent yourself
  • juggle multiple projects successfully
  • cope with long-term illness and emerge from it a stronger, healthier person
  • ask for what you want in a relationship and have that be OK
  • be a single parent, single, a parent and/or a grandmother and grow your business around family
  • manage debt and increase income, getting to a comfier place with money
  • learn from your mistakes and stand on that learning to be stronger, better, smarter
  • make a business around what you love to do
  • cope with changes such as bereavement, expected and unexpected, and take time out
  • prioritise what’s important in life
  • reorganise the day job to allow time for starting a business, going part-time
  • turn freelance work into a real business
  • benefit from accountability and the company of like minds and their support
  • drop out of Club 100 and drop back in again when timing is better
  • manage multiple opportunities and reject the wrong ones
  • say no
  • realign your expectations about how long it takes to build a business and become a competent business owner
  • be patient
  • enjoy a wonderful life

Well done, Team 100! I’ve enjoyed being in amongst you.

If you’d like to learn how to leave the day job and join a team of ¬†business owners making their own way in the world and increasing their income whilst having a lovely life too, we have room for a few more… but not too many, I think 30 would be an ample sufficiency. Now’s the time to join Club 100 for 2014. Book your seat here.

The perspicacious amongst you will notice that they all came to me for business coaching. But just look at that phenomenal array of issues they brought with them and which we tackled together. Real human beings have these issues and we cannot deal with the business stuff without managing our emotions and dealing with everything else too.

This isn’t just business coaching. We are each unique. We are awesome. And magical.

Sorry, came over all a bit soppy there for a moment. [I’m so proud of them.]




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