Club 100 Intermediates

What is Club 100?

Club 100 is where I work 1-2-1 with members, on Skype, for an hour a month, 10 months of each year (not August or December). There are additional group benefits too, drawn down at your own discretion. I think of Club 100 as my Intermediate Group.

Who’s it for?

Creative entrepreneurs, people who are less groupie than idiosyncratic. They take themselves seriously, know they are unique and they want privacy with me and my undivided attention to discuss all of that. Right now, they are Brits and Kiwis though, again, clients from all over the world are encouraged, the spice of my life.

How many other people are in it?

Currently there are 10 members. We could accommodate perhaps only another five because each new client is an extra hour a month for me. I love that time, but there’s only so much of it I can find, that’s why this group is twice the price of SBBM.

Time is the most luxurious commodity any of us have to share with others, and it’s in finite supply.

Current clients have been in Club 100 for anything between two and five years, one client a lot longer. I belive she considers me to be her secret weapon. The deeper I know a client, the more wonderful our work for both of us.

What do they all do?

There’s an artist and three writers. There’s a digital nomad, an ideas person, a perfumer, a PR, a publisher and a coach.

How much does it cost?

£1500 a year. Check out PayPal credit if you’d like to pay in instalments at zero percent over four months. If you prefer to pay using online banking, just say.

What do you get for that?

  • 10 personal monthly Skype calls just us two. You can draw them down as you like, except during August and December as I said. Some clients occasionally split their hour into two half hours, or we stop the call when we’ve done enough for today and I bank the rest for future use. It’s reasonably flexible in that way, and there’s no Use It or Lose It policy. Skype and my online diary record the time we’ve used so really you could think of this as 600 minutes to be taken at our mutual convenience within the year. Increasingly I am a bit of a stickler for you taking your ten calls inside 12 months, to keep up momentum for you as much as anything else.
  • A weekly accountability check-in on Mondays via a Google Group. This isn’t compulsory. Depending on your personality type and working style you will use it each of the 52 weeks or your year, or not at all, or somewhere in between. Some clients write to me personally instead of in the group. I am just as happy with that if you prefer to keep it just between us two. Club 100 adapts to you wherever possible.
  • A less busy Facebook Group, but it’s there if you want to share wins or ask for advice and opinions between your calls, either from me or the other group members on any aspect of your business. I often post information in here which I think may be of interest to clients.

What do clients say about Club 100?

“My own personal cheerleader, an amazing source of knowledge, wisdom and plain common sense, as well as someone to whom I am accountable for the promises I make to myself. These are just some of the magical ingredients forming Judith’s coaching spell. The support, encouragement and feeling of belonging that come with being part of Club 100 is a brilliant bonus. I’ve achieved more and expect more of myself since being part of this terrific tribe.” Heena Pattni,

What does Judith say about it?

Club 100 provides a whole different challenge for me. All of the members use me in their own completely unique way. As a trusted friend, counsellor, adviser, ally, confidante, listening ear, sounding board, consultant, cheerleader, vibe-raiser and accountability partner. Clients pick my brains. The luxury of 1-2-1 time offers me the opportunity to tailor my role as business mentor to each individual client and provide them with privacy too. As our relationship builds so do results.

Where can you find out more detail and join up?