Club 100

  • Club 100 is the most abundant, flexible and useful coaching and mentoring group I have ever created.
  • It is crafted with love for everyone who wants to create a wonderful business whilst also enjoying life to the fullest.
  • It’s designed with you in mind so that you will emerge in a better place, whatever that looks like to you. Don’t know? Then let’s discover that together.

It is likely that small business owners, entrepreneurs and the creative self-employed may derive the most benefit from the club, but not exclusively so.

If you know or suspect I have something I can help you with, then you are entirely welcome to join Club 100 whatever your circumstances, and we’ll look forward to you adding you to our number.

Club 100 is inclusive and as infinite in variety as we are individual.

The Club 100 offering looks like this:

  • Your minimum recommended participation is 100 minutes per month
  • You are encouraged to take two extra steps forward each week, that’s 100 Steps to be taken over a year.

The shape of Club 100 is kept deliberately really simple so you can see at a glance what’s on offer and how you can benefit.

Affordable Fees

You can join immediately and at any time. Your minimum membership 12 months because successful businesses cannot be built overnight. Renew at the end of Year 1 and stay for as long as you like; many current Club 100 members are in their second, third, fourth and even fifth years. Stay as long as you continue to grow. Your renewal price will always remain the same as your joining price, even as newer members are subject to price increases.

100 minutes per month

These 100 minutes are your recommended minimum time commitment each month. I offer 1-2-1 mentoring calls individually to each participant for 60 of those 100 minutes per month, except in August and December. You simply book yourself into my online diary whenever you decide you want that personal attention. These calls take place on Skype and you can book 1 x 60 minutes or 2 x 30 minutes and you can decide that each month, it isn’t fixed.

For the remaining minutes, I will ask you to participate in a weekly-check in with our Club 100 Google Group by email on Mondays. There are opportunities to do more but no requirement; participation is deliberately light and easy but obviously the more you do, the better and faster your own results.

100 Steps

With each weekly check-in report, you continue to re-shape your own plan as you are encouraged to do a minimum of two (new) things designed to take you closer to your dream. Share your intentions one Monday and report your results in the following weeks. Mutual support and accountability is a vital element of Club 100. Peer support makes all the difference to our success on our respective journeys. I have proven this over and over. I read and reply to each check-in but there is no requirement for you to do that; that’s my job. I teach you to prioritise your own needs.


A group programme often means a reduced ability to meet your individual requirements. Not so Club 100; where I can be flexible I will.

  • Can’t get your head round Skype? Never mind. I have a Skype-in telephone number which you call by appointment if you prefer, just like an ordinary landline number, wherever you are in the world, wherever I am.
  • Can’t make any of the times scheduled for coaching calls during hours in my online diary (weekday afternoons or Saturday mornings)?  Just ask. I find morning slots for those with kids in school, evening slots for those with day jobs.
  • Want more individual attention? Tell me and I will craft a bespoke personal upgrade, just for you.
  • Don’t want to play in any of the groups? Fine, just say and we’ll keep it between us two. Several Club 100 members do it this way so you won’t be alone. Membership gets you affordable access to me as your personal consultant if you choose to use it that way.

The watchword here is flexibility. If I can make Club 100 fit your needs as a client, then that’s what I shall do. It is our experiment in abundance. Together we shape Club 100 as far as possible to fit you personally and there are still boundaries to keep you on track. You get to choose how you interact and participate. You are a grown-up.


Me – What can I offer you? You probably know a bit about me by now. I am a serial entrepreneur. I was a small business accountant with my own practice for 20 years until 1997. I remained a part-time Finance Director until 2007 while building my coaching business. I love to coach and mentor small businesses and solopreneurs from a place of nearly forty years’ experience in working with small business owners, their money and their marketing.

I am the Small Business Oracle when it comes to growing your money-making creativity and breaking free from the rat race without turning your self-employment into simply another job. Pick my brains. I am “razor sharp and blunt, the iron fist in the velvet glove”. I generously share all my resources. Read what other clients say here.

You – What do you bring to Club 100? I look forward to finding out how you can contribute to our Club. Everyone is unique and we are committed to each other’s success. The value of like minds is demonstrated regularly and becomes a platform on which you can rely for our support. Relationships and connections formed here can be pivotal to your success.

Us – What does Club 100 offer you? Inspiration, motivation, accountability, connections, fun, support, magic, abundance, networking and a mastermind team dedicated to travelling forward together. Abundant, flexible and useful business coaching, mentoring and resources. It’s not possible to anticipate all of the benefits – that’s part of the magic a group of people co-create, but the women (and men) in Club 100 are fabulous and they often live up to and beyond even my imagining.

What else do you need to know?

There’s email support. By all means, email me personally if there’s something private you want to discuss off list but mostly our emailing is done within the Club 100 Google Group so everyone can learn from your questions. And, these days, clients often PM me via Facebook too. While I am not online 24/7, I aim to be responsive round my other client and business commitments.

We have a fabulously supportive Facebook group where you can ask for help 24/7 and ask other members what they think too. And, during August and December when we are not working together 1-2-1, I invite you to join in with the group calls in Small Business Big Magic, if you need some urgent advice and we need to speak soon.

Are there men in Club 100 or is it all women?

There most certainly are men, yes, in both my coaching groups. Sure, they are in the minority, but they don’t seem to mind that. They tend to use the group differently, far less time than the women spent chatting on Facebook, but how you use Club 100 – man or woman – is entirely up to you.

 What do clients say about Club 100?

“In August 2013 I signed up for one of Judith’s Entrepreneur Of The Day calls. I answered her questions and spoke about my business for about 30 minutes. Then, after several minutes of insightful observations, I cried out, “I’m a writer! I want to be a writer!”. To which she replied, “Of course you are! So why are you arsing around with all the other stuff?!”. Good bloody question! Within a month I was the newest member of Club 100 and I’m still a member today.

What I Get

In a nutshell, what I get is an experienced, creative, open, and honest sounding board. In my business it’s ‘just me’, so having someone to challenge whether this month’s new idea enhances or detracts from my business is really valuable. Each monthly call brings something of value as Judith brings her advice, insight, wisdom, and sense of fun. Some months bring huge breakthroughs, others a consolidation of what’s already working and some encouragement for the month ahead. To my mind, both kinds, as well as everything in between, are the true mark of a long-standing, successful coaching relationship.

Why I Stay

There are so many reasons why I continue to be a member of Club 100, but the long and short of it is that in Judith I have a coach and mentor who knows me very well. She knows my circumstances, my history, my ups and downs, and my business journey. She knows when to challenge me, when to call out my bullshit, and when to merely impart her knowledge and experience and leave me to figure it out.  All of which is invaluable.

What I Love

I love Judith’s approach, which is one of straight-talking couched with kindness. I like that she says it as she see’s it, but in such a way that I usually end up laughing about what can sometimes a difficult thing to hear. She’s also very encouraging, and she really cares. Her approach is very holistic, which for me, as a solopreneur for want of a better description, works really well. My business life affects and is affected by my life life, so actually, it’s all just life. A view that Judith not only appreciates, but actively encourages. Which in turn actually makes my life a lot easier!

If I had to make the decision to join Club 100 again, I would; and in fact I make that decision every month, and I haven’t regretted it once in what is now a four and a half year coaching relationship.” Sam Dounis

“Judith keeps me focused on what I most want to do, which is life-changing.” Justina Hart



Alice Sheridan“I hesitated about joining Club 100 because mine isn’t a “proper” business so I wasn’t sure it applied to me. But Club 100 is more than business coaching. Judith freely admits she doesn’t ‘get’ art but what she does get is experience of how ideas can be developed so that my vague idea can be crystallised into something useful and right for me. I find the weekly check-ins a valuable part of my week which encourage me to think about my long term aims and keep me moving forward. Knowing I have Team Judith on my side is personally and practically rewarding; I no longer feel like I’m working on my own and that makes the impossible feel possible.” Alice Sheridan

“I have my thing! For the past year, I have watched others do their thing while I floundered aimlessly. Now I have my thing! A great big thank you to you for that Judith. I love that you listen to ME, not your thoughts about me. Other coaches don’t get that I’m not a church mouse, I can totally take a “crazy” idea and make it work. So thank you for encouraging me to be big.” Stephanie MacKay

“Since working with Judith I have achieved one major ambition – to be a published author. I know 100% where I want to be and Judith has been fundamental in helping me find and maintain this clarity; she ensures I stay focused. She’s helped me deal with life’s inevitable setbacks,  brush myself off and KEEP MOVING FORWARD. She’s a unique combination of good old-fashioned common sense and logic mixed with something more magical and miraculous, all delivered with good humour and infinite kindness. I wouldn’t be where I am without Judith’s guidance.” Heena Pattni


“You’ve been a steady source of inspiration and sensible advice every month for several years now. It’s been an amazing time, and deeply touching today to hear you reflect back to me the changes you’ve observed. The transformations are palpable if not easily measured. But who wants to quantify everything? I came with clear targets and improved profit margins in mind, and leave today feeling richer than ever about the life I lead, the people around me and the business I run, my way. And I’m especially confident about the bright future ahead. Thank you, Judith.” Linda Cassells

So, are YOU ready to join the Club?

You can get going at any time. Membership costs £1500 a year and can be paid via online banking (just ask for bank details) which is preferred, or PayPal if you want to use a credit card or you are paying from outside the UK and want to save transfer costs. An invoice will be provided for your business.

On receipt of your payment, I will send you a personal email with everything you need to get started with Club 100.

Contact me to JOIN NOW

Please note: There are no 1-2-1 coaching/mentoring calls in either August or December but group activities continue in those months. Thus ten personal Skype calls are included in a year’s membership.