Coaching Questions And Mentoring Answers

I believe in my clients, often rather more so than they do in themselves, and we coaches believe you already have all the answers inside, especially when it comes lack of focus, how you procrastinate, why you don’t practise extreme self-care and why it’s different for you.

But it’s all rather different when it comes to money and business, because you don’t know all those answers. You haven’t necessarily got the wisdom innately just lurking inside you waiting for me to ignite it, although sometimes when ignition happens you might easily say “oh yes, I knew that” and you mean instinctively.  But knowing isn’t all, you’ll be wanting to take inspired action as well.

A business mentor doesn’t necessarily know all the answers either. But she may have 35 years’ experience of running her own serial businesses and those of her accounting clients and if she doesn’t know, she usually knows a woman who does. And often she can get you an appointment to speak to that woman who may also be delighted to help you.

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