Coaching Results: What A Difference A (Diligent) Week Makes

About ten days ago, a chap came to see me. This is a man I have known a long time and with whom I have much in common, we like to work the same way. We shared an office for a handful of years and we would both be at our desks by 7 a.m., stealing a march on the day. I know this man. In many respects I am this man. If you cut us each in half, we have the word “discipline” rippled through our sticky pink seaside rock. We both err on the side of discipline.

And, in the early days, I coached him but its been a while since I’ve seen him in anything other than a social capacity.

Lately, things have started to go wrong. When he showed up at my door I could see immediately he was in pain; emotional pain because he is separated from his wife and physical pain in that his body hurt, specifically his back. He was unable to get comfortable in a chair because of it and fidgeted, constantly moving his position to gain relief. He was lonely for a business partner; he’d already put his business into liquidation once in 2010 and V2.0 wasn’t going quite as well or growing as quickly as he would like.

My chum was in a low place and I know it takes a lot to share yourself and your vulnerabilities with someone who knows you well when you are in that space, and yet perhaps that’s the very best time to reach out, bravely? I certainly didn’t judge and I was glad he had someone in his life who could make themselves available to listen and soothe.

He brought cake and I put the kettle on and then I gave him 90 minutes of my time. I elicited the story to date and I shared the latest resources with which I was achieving good results in my own life and I told my friend illustrative stories. He is a diligent student, he took notes and he went off uplifted, I could tell. I felt good too as I followed up his visit with three emails connecting him to the resources I had promised would make a difference to all this pain. I knew I had helped. I knew I had made a difference.

After only one week putting into practice what I shared, here is what I received from my pal yesterday by way of thank you and update on his results achieved by being diligent in his daily practice:

Hi Judith,

Thank you; I have had a good week since following your recommendations:

  • 2 chunky deals confirmed.
  • One of the largest companies, who were my initial inspiration for doing what I do, called me this week and want to perhaps partner with me as they love what I have created.
  • My other potential business partner has seen a few deals come in and then suddenly asked me what would I do with £50k invested in the business.
  • I met a new chap to sort my back who turned out to be quite a spiritual guy. He is confident he can sort my back, feet, knees etc.

Love to you J xx

He’d also enjoyed another wonderful result which I won’t share with you as its rather intensely private. Suffice to say his fifth bullet point included the words “amazing”, “foxy lady” and “therapeutic” with two exclamation marks!

This is the work I was born to do. I love to be of service to clients in this way and I love their results, for them, even more. If those are the sort of things you would enjoy showing up within a week in your own business and your life, why not book a Consultation or an Abundance Call?

And, if you would prefer, and are within striking distance of S.W. London, why not bring cake and I’ll make the tea?

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Janet says:

    . . . from the fertile void into the blazing sunshine, Judith, fulfilling your life’s purpose – fantastic!

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