Coaching: What Does It Cost? How Does It Work? Does It Hurt?

How Does Coaching Work With You, Judith, And What Does It Cost?

Currently I offer my clients two options*:

1. Book and pay for a 60-90 minute Consultation costing £197.

2. Book for a 30-60 minute Abundance Call and pay what it was worth to you and according to the value we co-create.

What might I expect?

A shot in the arm. Energy, inspiration, motivation, a bigger vision, more success, more ease, clarity, focus. Warm support, humour, love, acceptance, a damn good listening to and better results in your business and in your life. More abundance and a happier relationship with your finances. New perspectives. Possibly a sprinkling of woo woo.

Will it hurt?

Only a little and in a good way. It’s more like an exciting stretch, a bit like getting out of your comfort zone (if that’s where you are hiding) or going on a long bike ride or hill climbing or taking on some challenge. Think of how great you will feel when you get to the other end!

“You DO know you’ve changed my life, don’t you – and allowed me to think I did it all by myself!”   

*If there was a way for us to work together you don’t see it on my menu, please ask. Bespoke works.

Your Biz Your Way

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