Coming in 2010 – Shed Sessions for Entrepreneurs

009My new garden office is finished.   Doesn’t it look lovely?   I’ve been too busy to move in yet.   First job is to move a card table and garden chair down there and take a laptop and see if the WiFi signal stretches.   If not, I need some BT help to get me fully teched up, then removal men to get me and my office physically in situ.

I am going to be doing some Shed Sessions for my one-to-one clients down the garden in 2010.   Let me know if you want to spend a day a month with me in the Garden Shed!   You can watch Nick the Rock & Roll Gardener work his magic by landscaping around the new garden office.   The four seasons will enable us to measure your progress towards the business of your dreams, towards your financial goals and freedom.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Ann Harrison says:

    That’s one fine-looking shed. I’m very jealous and wishing my back garden didn’t have such a steep slope to it!

    Ann x

  2. marie Taylor says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautuful babe! Tis indeed a beautiful shed.I can vision many a supersonic session taking place in that entrepreneurial hideaway. Worth it just to watch Nick the rockery rolly gardener. Are you throwing in a game of Poker with that card table idea- sort of entrepreneurs three card flush? If the wifi doesn’t work you can always rent it out as a yoga shed in the interim. Enjoy.

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