Communicating with Clients: Podcast Ep 216

Publisher Linda Cassells from New Zealand is our listener guest today and she talks to us about communicating with clients. Linda shares with us her tips:

  1. Knowing your communication style
  2. Setting boundaries
  3. Dealing with difficulties
  4. Taking initiative

And, of course, we end up talking about how to shape a good story whether it be a book, a film, a newsletter or even a podcast. Thanks, Linda!

LISTEN HERE TO OWN IT! The Podcast #216: Communicating with Clients – Linda Cassells

In other news this week, Nicola’s had a second tough week, culminating in an electricity outage caused by her kettle. This happened on the morning we recorded the show which put her coffee and her shower and our show in jeopardy, but she managed to get it all “magically” sorted before our recording session.

I tell her about my week which involved supermoons, sleep and sleeplessness, client attraction, Abraham Hicks and making a new Facebook friend.

Our fires are fuelled by (Nicola) taking 100% responsibility for her own life, and me by lovely feedback on last week’s newsletter and meeting two new international listeners to the podcast, Amy in Canada and Kerryn in Australia. They sent in some lovely feedback about our show and this coincided with Nicola reporting that at 96,196 we are closing on 100,000 downloads. I love that our podcast has a global reach.

We both chose the same word of the week – Vibration – and listening to the show you’ll work out why.

In project updates, I tell Nicola that I blogged twice on Monday, once about Tosha Silver and the second one about this weekend’s impending Oscars and who I want to win. I also tell her about my property project which fingers crossed goes better than the last time I tried this in 2016/17. Nicola updates me about progress with her novel. She’s up to the 20,000-word mark, has made her heroine younger so she can have sex (!) and she’s working on the middle build and key scenes.

Nicola has been inspired by Annabel and Irini in week one of this  year’s Masterchef and I am excited to have found a model for a paid newsletter using


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