Competition: My Transmogrification into The Money Maven

I’m working with marketing genius Claire Raikes right now and we are reinventing my presence on the web.   Why?   Because I am taking stock after six years working with clients on their businesses and frankly, they aren’t taking any notice of me!   I feel that my web profile no longer reflects what I currently offer the world and us Creators need to keep transmogrifying.

Does this mean my mentoring and coaching is wrong, or hasn’t been appreciated?   Far from it as you will see from my testimonials.   My clients know what to do but they arent doing it and I have a handful of theories why that is.

1.   Its far too difficult to E-Myth a business from within; you are probably better off to scrap the one you have and start again.

2.   Your ego is inextricably linked with the delivery of your service so, on some level, you may be self-sabotaging by not taking the action required; there is a payoff to staying where you are.   Coaches always say this, by the way, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

3.   You are simply not yet in sufficient pain to do the work that effects the change.   Its difficult to find a moment in the day to start doing things differently until you reach the point where you MUST change.   Most people move away from pain with more alacrity than they do towards pleasure.   Not me but “most people”.

So here’s my brilliant idea.   I think I have found an even better way to help my small business clients.   Yay!   Once a helper, always a helper…

How about if I show you how to put no cost and low cost investments around you so that one day you will wake up and I will have made you rich anyway, despite yourself?  

This means that you can carry on diddling about all day doing what you love and you don’t need to worry about money.   By the time you find that pain or reason to change, you will be financially sorted anyway due to the easy, affordable, simple investment opportunities to which I introduced you in 2009/2010?  

You could wake up in ten years’ time and discover that you are lot better off that you thought you were.   I am pleasantly surprised to find that about my clients all the time, actually.   Sometimes there is comfort in just hearing that from me, that you have done better than you had expected and if you continue to husband it well, all will be well.

So I am sorting out my websites so that there is Live Help on all of them and soon most of them will link through to the opportunity to have a FREE wealth consultation with me so that I can advise you what you can do right now which will make all the difference to your financial future and it might not even cost you a penny!   I don’t think anyone can say fairer than that, do you?   This time, you are not even required to follow my advice, but I think if I can make it easy enough you will definitely want to.

Of course, I won’t be able to help everyone who wants a free wealth consultation so I am having to put up some barriers to entry; you will be asked to fill out a statement of income, expenditure, assets, liabilities and financial goals so that I can prescribe my financial fix. And assuming you are up for that bit, I will give you 30 minutes on the phone and we can take it from there.   Yip-de-do!

So now, I need your help.   I need a new strapline for my website to reflect my new role of financial wiz.   Actually I have been a bit of a financial wiz for over thirty years, I’m just going to make it front and centre now.

At the moment it says “Judith Morgan: All About Money” which is pretty fair.   But Claire wants me to find a new title for myself.   I like “Judith Morgan, The Woo Woo Accountant” because I know its the Woo Woo* which has made all the difference to me.   But yesterday we came up with Judith Morgan, The Money Maven.   Do you like that?  Or can you even better it?

Do please leave me a comment telling me what you think about The Money Maven.   Yes, its been done before, but there’s nothing new under the sun, is there?   If you can come up with something better which we use, you will be invited to claim your prize of a free LunchWithJudith worth £500 and I’m buying!   If you are not in the UK and cannot get to London easily, we can do this over the phone together.

  • The Money Maven?
  • The Woo Woo Accountant?
  • The Financial Wiz?
  • Or something else?

*Woo Woo – people won’t agree but this is a term which I actually invented myself.   It means personal development with a somewhat alternative, yoghurt-weaving slant towards energy work: mindset, EFT (tapping), quantum physics, The Secret, The Law of Attraction, Positiving Thinking, Jerry & Esther Hicks, Think & Grow Rich, NLP and so on.   They say it cannot be proved, but I prove it around here every day so “they” can go on believing what they like.   If you believe you can, you can – and I can!

Your Biz Your Way

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15 Responses to “Competition: My Transmogrification into The Money Maven”

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  1. felix says:

    Morgan has the cool pirate vibe

    Judith morgan unlocks your treasure trove
    hidden treasure with judith morgan

    I also like cash cow !

    felix x

  2. Anne says:

    Is this too late?

    I love the Woo Woo Accountant
    Not so keen on Money Maven – doesn’t zing
    I like Money Matron from above

    Judith Morgan
    – The Alchemical Accountant
    – The Accounting Alchemist
    – Coaching Alchemist
    – Wealth Wizardry
    – Wonder-Accountant
    – Wonder-Coach
    – Wealth Wonder-coach
    – Accounting Wonder-coach
    – Money Wonder-coach

    etc etc …..

    Anne x

  3. Jakki says:

    Judith Morgan
    – Manifesting Money Maven
    – Manifesting Money Magically
    – Intentionally Manifesting Money


  4. Gill Brabner says:

    Hi Judith

    This is great fun!

    How about:

    Judith Morgan Mistress of Money

    Judith Morgan The Money Mentor

    Judith Morgan Your Money Mentor

    Judith Morgan Makes Money and So Can You!

    Judith Morgan Millionaire Maker


  5. Jakki says:

    Hi Judith,

    Loving this…here’s some ideas

    Prosperity on Purpose

    Manifesting Money

    Wealth Catalyst

    Money With Energy

    Money With Spirit

    Wealth With Spirit

    Wealth With Soul

    Dynamic Money Maven

  6. Carrie Eddins says:


    The Wealth Witch!

    helping to cast wealthy spells on your money and your life!!!

    I love the sound of it!!!



  7. Carrie Eddins says:

    Judith Morgan the Money Majesty!

    Helping you to treat your money like royalty.


    Majestically helping you to manifest your dreams and treat your money like royalty!

  8. Jo Dodds says:

    Hi Judith

    I like the Money Maestro and the Money Matron!

    I like Money Maven but I don’t think many people know what a maven is so it gets a bit lost in translation. I think the other two do conjure up a picture; some people may not like the picture for the second one but with your (lovely!) directive style it is a good fit and would perhaps put off those people who aren’t interested in working with someone who really does take them to task. I suppose it depends on your market demographic – it would work on the over 40s but probably not those younger!

  9. Donna James says:

    How about

    Judith Morgan, Cash Catalyst


    Judith Morgan, Cashflow Catalyst

  10. John says:

    Only one option for me Judith, The Money Matron!

  11. ros says:

    Judith Morgan – Money Maven with Mojo

    Mojo has the meaning ‘magic charm’, reflecting your multilevelled approach

  12. Marion Ryan says:

    Money Maven is good and descriptive but lacks a bit of originality and USP.

    For that reason Woo Woo Accountant is pretty good but Accountant doesn’t describe what you do for people.

    So perhaps you could be the Funny Money Honey.

    I’m serious.

    Marion x

  13. Ros says:

    Judith Morgan – Money Maven and More

  14. Leslie Scott says:

    Judith Morgan – The Money Maestro

    and you could run – Masterclasses in Managing Money, or Masterclasses in Making Money

    Judith Morgan – The Entrepreneurs’ Impresario

  15. Rob says:

    Judith Morgan – Making Money Magic