Compromise or Bespoke? Podcast Ep #160

In today’s show, our focus is about how responsive we should be to our clients’ requests for bespoke offers, services and programs or whether we should oblige them to squeeze them into our formulaic boxes. And we are surprised to discover that we are prepared to think anew about this where once we would have gone for the squeezing option.

The debate focuses on how responsive feels nice and so does bespoke, but compromise does not. When does it turn from one thing to another? What would cause you to turn a client away as “wrong” but call another ideal? Nicola has a great example where a potential client wants her to make three compromises and whilst I might have been OK with one, three feels like a bridge too far. And I remind her that turning away the wrong leaves room for the right.

Since bespoke was my word of the week last week and I have also written a newsletter on the same topic on 1st December, this is top of mind for me right now. I’m red not with noticing stuff changing, what it might mean in future for me and my clients and for them in their own businesses especially. Everything changes all of the time and I am confident there’s a right way for all, though we may not always spot it immediately. We get there in the end.

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In other news, our Words of the Week are Complicit (mine) and ROI (hers), which I am at pains to point out to Nicola is NOT a word! Complicit is’s Word of the Year 2017 after three identifiable surges during the year of people looking up its meaning, which is “involved with others in an activity that is unlawful or morally wrong”.

I’ve had no internet for three days which was frustrating and slowed me down horribly. It also compromised my ability to talk to clients on Skype although I did make Webex work OK on Tuesday. I’m confused about why I have been slowed down so much by unanticipated delays that my book has taken four months instead of two and that gives me a heads up for next year’s volume should I decide to do it.

Nicola’s engaged with the editing of the first shows in her new Write Club podcast which she’s doing using only Audiobook and a Facebook page. I quiz her about whether or not, were we starting again with our podcast three years later, if she would recommend we follow that simple combination too. She’s not sure yet, she reserves judgement. With quite a lot of ladies on the podcast group I point out they are podcasting by committee and Nicola tells me they have interviewed a writer of erotica which prompts me to tell her about the Bad Sex awards. Here are the 2017 contenders.

I’m noticing that more people now like my Facebook page than opt into my newsletter list and I wonder aloud if this is the writing on the wall for my weekly newsletter. And Nicola notices a different manifestation of the same thing, namely that new clients contact her via Facebook messenger now, not email as previously. For now, we are just noticing. And, as I like to tell everyone who’ll listen, its all in the noticing! Nicola provides a useful re-frame about our newsletters and podcasts (and our ROI on our time) provided by Dean Jackson, namely that the returns are not always quantifiable from such free content marketing initiatives, and that they have benefits beyond the obvious and measurable which we both recognise.

Nicola’s impressed by her daughter Phoebe’s tentative steps into business, and I am once again impressed by an offer from Adazing and Matt from Candescent Press who is turning my book’s scrappy Word doc into all the formats I need to sell both a digital version pre Christmas and a POD (print on demand) version in the New Year, if not sooner.

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