Confident of My Own Worth

Today a wonderful thing happened.

A client gave me a 20% payrise. I do remember this happening once before in the days when I was an accountant, when a chap told me I was worth more than he was paying me so he wanted me to charge him more in future.

And occasionally now clients send me a little top up, which is very lovely.

Yesterday, when I got my 20% payrise, I thanked my client and told him he was very abundant.

And he replied saying that I was worth every penny. And more.

And I realised I already knew that. I am confident of my own worth, especially in my coaching relationship with that particular client because at the end of each session I know the value I have added.

This isn’t always the case, and clients often surprise me. They don’t tell me about the value they derive from working with me or I haven’t asked or I have assumed erroneously from their demeanour or I simply don’t know. And a couple of those have done that to me in January too, three actually.

Abundance, however it comes, is very welcome.

Knowing you have made a difference to that one is invaluable. And, in the end, however well or otherwise we are rewarded, I suspect this is why most of us do the work we do, to know we have helped.

But confidence in your own value is key because not everyone is abundant and gives you a pay rise. Sometimes they will choose not to afford you, and that’s OK. Sometimes they will not value you at all, and that’s OK. Sometimes clients will even rip you off, and while that’s never OK, it tells you more about them than it does about you. Unless you continue to allow it, of course.

These are thorny issues I discuss with my clients all the time. And over the months and years they too arrive at this place of confidence in their own worth which enables them to charge whatever they like. Yee ha!

Your Biz Your Way

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