Consultant and Coach/Writer/Entrepreneur Wants to Make a Difference

Laptop on Kitchen Table with Cup of CoffeeI love the work I do and have no plans to do anything else. I coach and I write and I look after my own business interests. But it occurs to me I have time to do something else as well. Not all the time but maybe as much as a couple of days -or half days – a week if I am really efficient.

I would like the opportunity to do something which draws on my forty years of work in accounting/finance, entrepreneur coaching/mentoring and writing, and which makes a difference to the world in which we live. I would like to do it from home and virtually so that I can continue to coach my clients and blog and travel the world, although when I am in the UK I am happy to make myself available to face to face meetings and can provide office space for that in South London.

Could you use a woman with my business experience in a virtual advisory role on your project? Or know someone who can? I have run businesses in accountancy, travel, cleaning, restaurants, coaching and many more. I have been a finance director to dozens of small businesses. I am an accountant in some part of my soul, still. Personal development is vital to me and I love to work with people who are starting up and running their own entrepreneurial businesses, particularly creative types. I know a lot about small business marketing, particularly online. I am a prolific blogger and write online every day.

I’ve already been hired to do some work of this nature with a coaching colleague later in the year but I still have some spare capacity. I would like to consider something off the wall, something I might not have thought of for myself. As I get older and wiser, I am up for more adventures. I can be flexible and would consider cutting back my own writing time to evenings and weekends if your project requires some of my expertise and experience for a couple of half days per week/month.

This is a letter to The Universe since I have spent some time over the weekend working out what I want. I also want to do some voluntary work perhaps with my local food bank, having watched those two documentaries on TV last week drawing attention to food poverty in the UK with Sport Relief. But I shall be doing that anyway. That will still leave time for the sort of project I have in mind.

Do contact me if you are looking for a part-time consultant who knows about building businesses, accounting, marketing, blogging, writing, social media, juicing, coaching and mentoring. This gun’s for hire and looking for new ways to make a difference. My wealth profile is Creator and my Myers Briggs is INFJ. How can I help you or someone you know?

Your Biz Your Way

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