Conundrums: Feeling The Fear And Living As If We Didn’t

I’m talking conundrums today, paradoxical, apparently insoluble problems or dilemmas. and I’m offering a strategy of unravelling them. One of life’s greatest conundrums is knowing what we need to do and holding ourselves back from doing it for any one – or more – of a number of (great) reasons. It’s like one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake.

I knew for some time that I wanted to do tithing, but felt in some small miserable and scarce part of myself that I couldn’t afford to.   I’d even started to do it more than once and lapsed. I was also aware that when you don’t do it out of scarcity is when you most need to get it done.   When you don’t do it, your money worries continue and you think “Well, I WILL do it …when I can afford to”.   All the time I was in this place, I knew I just had to trust and start doing it and that abundance would flow to me. stuff like this just goes round and round in circles some days, doesn’t it?

And so I have started to tithe again, in the company of my pals in the Money-Making Magic Group.  And abundance is coming at me from all sides. This isn’t all down to tithing by the way but the energy it liberates is definitely a very big part of it. And it’s exciting and interesting and yet more personal and spiritual development.

A few years back I knew I had to hire some help with my few remaining accounting clients.   I put it off.   I don’t think I’m a good trainer or patient enough for that.   I imagined I couldn’t afford it.   I used those two reasons (excuses?) to put me off doing it for YEARS.   And then someone came into my life who was fascinated by accounting and wanted to learn more. He was fun to work with, eminently trainable and ultimately my springboard outta there.

I took a leap of faith and did it and it worked very nicely indeed.   It had untold advantages over and above even those I knew it would bring.   My new assistant was a nice guy who brought his own strengths to our work.   He blossomed with the opportunity.   It turned out great to have company in what had been an isolating place for so long and he liberated me from the need to do everything myself.   He wasn’t perfect and that was, honestly, just fine too.

But I had to risk it first.   I always knew that even when I felt I might not be brave enough or considered I was too busy to delegate well or whatever other blocks I put in my own way.

Those are two examples of when I did what I feared to some degree but equally knew would be most dynamic for me or my business and, even though they were both conundrums, the results I expected, hoped and longed for came true and more.

What we are most resisting in our lives and businesses is often what we most need to do.   It’s Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway territory.

Could you use some of what happened to me when I did it?   Send me a quick e-mail telling me what you want, I will send you back the challenge which might sort out your conundrum. What fun!


CONUNDRUM.   Round and round in circles.  I need to, but I can’t. I need to, but I can’t. I need to, but I can’t.

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