Conversation and Co-Creation

At the heart of what I do is a conversation. Sometimes it can be life-changing. Other times it is quite workaday. I always aim and hope to provide what you need just when you need it. And first I have to listen to you describe it in your own words.

After that, I want you to go away feeling better. Feeling resourced. Feeling like you can do what you want to do. Or I want to give you permission to do less. Whatever’s the best solution to the “problem” at hand.

And, between sessions, I want to support you via PM or email and inspire you via newsletter, book, blog and podcast and hope that provides just the right word of encouragement at just the right time.

After you’ve talked and I’ve listened, it is time for us to co-create. That’s where we put our heads together, discussing what’s on your list or on your mind or in your heart.

Typically, my clients get clear with their mouths open, and your own pearls of wisdom drop from your lips whether or not you realise it. In the language that you use you give me the clues I need to help you help yourself. I hear it. I read it back to you and often you are amazed, which is perfect.

Coaches believe you know all the answers.

I don’t, necessarily. You know most of the answers and perhaps I can come up with the ones you don’t know, or help you to find them.

I want to bring back the art of therapeutic conversation where you get a good listening to and where we excitedly co-create.

And I am feeling a little bit limited right now by that being mainly restricted to business mentoring and that’s why I’ve introduced low-carb too as another way of helping.

But there are so many ways I can help my fellow human beings by giving them a good listening to, and by us enjoying a conversation. I am feeling the tug to give myself permission to converse with anyone and everyone about anything.

On Monday I talked a woman down from a very high and scary ledge. It was my privilege. It is a ledge I have been on myself, often. I am sure someday I shall find myself back there on that ledge, such is life.

Let me know how such a conversation could help you today:

  •  Your Biz: I’ve been self-employed since 1977
  •  Your Life: I’ve been alive since 1955
  •  Your Money: I’ve been an accountant for 32 years and a wealth coach since 2005
  •  Your Carb Addiction: 6 stone lost and kept off since 2016
  •  Anything Else On Your Mind?

The first one’s always free.

If you’ve had that then your options are to buy one ad hoc/PWYW, or buy a bunch of them at a cracking discount, or join a group.

What’s the best way for us to speak about what’s going on in your creative life and how it could be happier for you?

What would you like to talk about?

Your Biz Your Way

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