This is where we are inevitably bound.

Towards a conversation, or a series of them. About everything and anything.

And for those conversations to be creative or healing or transformative.

If you are wondering about who you can talk to about matters closest to your own heart, here’s the opinion of someone with whom I regularly converse:


“She sees what you cannot yourself, understands even when you’re struggling to find the right words, talks you down off high cliffs, is endlessly loving and compassionate. She’s sharp and knowledgeable, knows someone who can when you can’t, she’s business-like and succinct, gives you enough time to talk but discourages waffle. She’s funny and fun, clever but on your wavelength. She sees the good in the worst situations and always catches you doing the best you can.”


If you are on Facebook, read here what people say about that first free session with me, on Facebook Messenger these days or Skype if you prefer.

The first conversation is free to give you a flavour of what to expect. After that, we will work something out.

I cannot wait to talk to you. Honestly, I am on the edge of my seat, jiggling slightly with anticipation!

Book yourself in.