How to Do Something Really Cool on Your Kindle

This is a photo of Jo reading my book on her Kindle. She shared the photo when she was on her travels to Australia in December. Jo bought my book at Selz where you can download it in three formats, one of which is Mobi and that’s the one you need to choose if you want to read any ebook on your Kindle device or app, not just mine!

Most people who bought my book at Selz found that it magically opened on their gadget of choice “at the touch of a button” or they knew how to do what I am about to show you below. A few did not find it easy, even some surprisingly geeky pals, and I enjoyed showing them how to do something really cool on your Kindle.

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You can read almost any eBook or document on your Kindle that it would be convenient for you so to do, not just digital stuff you’ve bought at Amazon where that’s automatic. Whispersync, you may recall, is one of my very favourite words, digital reading matter anytime anywhere.

But if you haven’t bought the digital content in question at Amazon and you still want to read it on your Kindle or Kindle app on your phone, laptop, desktop or tablet, you just need to do two things first… (1) authorise yourself or me or any sender in your account at Amazon list of safe senders, and (2) find out the email address of your Kindle reading gadget of choice.

Let’s start with that second one first. By way of illustration, Amazon knows that I like to consume books on my Kindle itself, and the app on my first iPad, my second (replacement) iPad, Audible, Kindle Cloud Reader, Judith’s Kindle for PC (2009-2017) Judith’s Kindle for PC2 (2017 temporary replacement) and Judith’s Kindle for PC3 (2018). Each time you get a new or replacement gadget you will need to connect it with Amazon if you want to read Kindle-type stuff on it and do Kindle-type things.

This means that I can read whatever I want and at whatever gadget I am working or have in my hand and I might frequently do that several times in a day, reading different stuff or even the same stuff in different places. What it does do though is broaden what we mean when we say the word “Kindle” and each of those places has a separate identifier and the first three of them, my Kindle itself and my iPads each have their own email address that I (or anyone I’ve authorised) can use to send documents to me to read on that specific gadget.

For safety, you might want simply to authorise yourself and then anyone can email you a document or ebook and you can simply forward it by email using the relevant email address to your Kindle place of choice. With me so far? If so, here’s how you do that.

Open your Amazon a/c. I find this is easier to do on my computer, laptop or desktop, I haven’t found it so easy on anything smaller than that e.g. tablet or phone, but it might be for all I know.

Look for a box headed Digital Content and Devices. Then click on Content and Devices.

Immediately you will see everything you have ever bought to consume digitally from Amazon and you can manage it from there, i.e. remove it if you want to.

There are three tabs on this page, called Your Content, Your Devices and Settings. Your Devices is the tab where you discover the email address for each of your Kindles or Kindle apps. Highlight the image of each in turn to discover their “names” by email. No need to note them down, this info is always here, although you might want to remember which one is which. I often send one item to all three so I can read anything anywhere, see above.

The third tab Settings is the one where you register yourself (or anyone) as able to email content to your device or app. Scroll quite a long way down until you see the heading Personal Document Settings and beneath that there’s a sub-heading Send-to-Kindle Email Settings which reiterates what I’ve just said and reminds you of the email address of each device/app.

But beneath that again is another sub-heading Approved Personal Document Email List and this is where you can see who can send you stuff and add yourself or anyone else you like. I got my readers to add me, then I could simply email my book to them when they got their knickers in a knot. Simpler. Faster. But only by seconds, honest.

I seem to have two versions of me and a third one from Acrobat with no memory of what that is or why I allowed it but it would have been because I wanted my Kindle to be able to receive digital content from them. I wanted to be able to get it there and read it there. At the bottom of that bit there’s a blue link inviting you to add a new approved email address which, of course, you will need to do too if you ever change your own.

Is this making any sense yet?

It’s quite simple:

  1. Log into your Amazon account
  2. Find out the email address of the gadget or app you want to read the content on
  3. Approve yourself as a sender of such content to any of these Kindle-y places
  4. Using your email address which you have just authorised at 3 in this list send the file/book/document/PDF to the email address of the gadget you have just discovered at 2 in this list! If it doesn’t arrive, either you haven’t synced (!) or you need to read the instructions again and have another go.

Relax! You’ve got this. Breathe!! ROFL.

It’s taken me over a thousand words to explain what it will take you less than 2 minutes to do once you know how. You will be so thrilled you can do this, you will HUG me! I expect there’s a video on YouTube which explains it all in seconds. Now, why didn’t I think of that? ‘Cos I’m a wordy bird, that’s why.

Of course, if you buy my book on Kindle at Amazon, you won’t need to do any of this. But you will still HUG me that you know how to do it because it means you can send PDFs to your iPad and all manner of documents you want to read on your Kindle or Kindle app later without having to be at your desk to do that. Yep, I know. Genius, isn’t it?

I heart my Kindle and all my Kindle apps and I use them all every day, 100% digital moi.

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