Cool URLs and Cool Websites and Cool Business Ideas

Worn Again When out and about driving in my car, I find out a lot about popular culture and what’s going on in the world from billboards, from the news, from radio – I’m a radio tart flitting between Radio 2 (for Terry Wogan, Steve Wright and Chris Evans) and the commercial channels (Classic FM, Magic, Heart etc. depending where I am in the UK and my mood).

Last week I noticed a very cool URL as I was driving in North London – now don’t tell me that’s not a FAB URL – memorable, I can still remember it from Friday!   And if I wanted my rubbish clearing, I’d be ringing them as they obviously have a sense of humour and an eye for a cool URL too, like me.   They don’t have a particularly cool website but no matter, it’s done the marketing job.   I saw them, I remembered them, it reminded me easily where to go if I needed rubbish clearance and I could find them speedily on the web this morning.

My other favourite URL from last week was something I heard about on Chris Evans’ show.   His wife had a baby last week, Noah, and we were all on tenterhooks for a while as the baby was a tad overdue. On the day Noah was born, a conversation broke out about the things new mothers want to eat and drink, having been denied them for the prevous nine months or so – shellfish, soft cheeses, pate, wine etc.  And yes, you guessed it, someone has created a site which supplies hampers to new mums.   Its called – wait for it – Mummy’s Little   Now if that doesnt strike you as a cool URL, then you are not old enough to remember what it alludes to or know what it means. Genius.

And finally, the weekend papers had a couple of wonderful ideas – sites that re-cycle trainers into new footwear.   What a brilliant idea!   Check out and from whom I bought a paid of ethical pink sneakers only this morning!   That’s the thing about good marketing; I’m a sucker when its done well.   It’s rude not to buy.

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