Have You Cracked It Yet?

There’s a thing which I see my self-employed clients doing. Heck, I do it myself. We teach what we most need to learn, and whatever it is that we are teaching is only fascinating to us while we are still getting to grips with it ourselves.

Once we crack it, we move on.

Thus I see:

  • Business Owners who can’t get the staff
  • Marketers who won’t market themselves
  • Coaches who won’t invest in one
  • Writers who won’t use their own gifts with the virtual pen to market their own work
  • Virtual Assistants who aren’t outsourcing
  • Systems geniuses who are a bit (ahem) behind with their own systems
  • Check out any kind of expert and quiz them about why – I bet the answer lies within their own struggle, either now or in their recent past

We make a business around our own area of struggle because it fascinates us, and for as long as we struggle with it we are constantly seeking for the solution and to help others with that same issue. We think everyone needs what we do. And often they do, thank Heavens. Problems are mostly universal.

I quite like this. It’s authentic. It’s interesting. No risk of getting bored. Yet.

The problem begins the day we crack our issue, because then it ceases to hold our attention and eventually we feel compelled to move on to pastures new. Who wants to be stuck doing something which is now our past?

I’m endlessly fascinated by business and money. I hope I always will be. I think I have cracked business actually but my interest is still retained in helping others find a way to do that, perhaps because the worlds of business and money are constantly changing so my interest is kept alive. Who knows? But the day I feel I’ve cracked those two is the day I move on.

It is ironic and yet it also makes perfect sense. What are you still struggling with in your business? Do you find that the most fascinating area to you, like a scab you can’t stop picking? Are you always looking for solutions for your own take on the problem which you then bring to your clients too? Good!

This is a weird thing and yet it also makes perfect sense. I see it all the time. We teach what we most need to learn. I can’t tell you how often I say that to a client and they agree, with a self-deprecating giggle. The scales fall from our eyes and it generally means we already have the tools we need, we just need to put them to use on ourselves first. Or first equal with helping our clients.

  • What are you teaching? Are you practising what you preach? If not, why not?
  • Beware the day you solve your own problem, as you might also need a new business.
  • Is that precisely why we choose to stay stuck in the struggle do you think?


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