Isn’t It Time You Had a New or Refreshed Website?

Earlier this week, I spent a virtual day with Marion Ryan of We worked together all day even though she is in Ireland and I am in the UK. Under Marion’s watchful eye, together we co-created my refreshed and revamped website. And such is the name of her new programme which begins very shortly,  I did it with Marion, and you can too.

If you want a new website, or to refresh your existing one, now’s the time. You too can create a Website With Marion and the knowledge you acquire during the six modules will enable you to create your own website(s) ever after.

Marion is the consummate professional who cares about her clients. She describes herself as “creating delicious websites for delicious people” and honestly, who wouldn’t want to be a member of that gang?   Yes, you could pay Marion the best part of a thousand quid to do it for you and very lovely it will be too. Or you could just join her new programme for only £297 or £397 (easy payment instalments available) and do it yourself, with her guidance, and the knowledge you acquire will serve you over and over again.

I see this as perfect for coaches, people with a service business, VAs who want to learn more about WordPress to support their own clients better, or anyone with an eye on their budget in these recessionary times. Marion’s your woman, honest. We’ve been working together for years across many projects and although we are undoubtedly lifelong friends too, I wouldn’t represent her to you in this capacity if I didn’t think it was truly a great opportunity at a bargain price.

Get it up for Christmas. Sorry, couldn’t resist that one!

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