Podcast Ep 79: Creating a Valuable R&D Team

hand-895588_640In episode 79 of Own It! The Podcast Nicola and I debate the value of an R&D team to help you create and/or launch anything new.

I start off by asking her to share with us the story of how she wrote her 101-day autoresponder series called FI 101 – Financial Intelligence 101 – for the Money Gym, way back in the dark ages before blogging, and which later became her first book.

She had an R&D team of volunteers (conscripts?) who were snapping at her heels waiting for the next instalment and she freely admits she would have given up long before the end had it not been for the accountability they provided. I know several people she coached to create an online course in the same way and I always offer this way of doing it when talking to clients and some find it appealing.

It’s not for me. I would want to create the whole thing first and in my own time, but the downside of that is you’ve gone to all that trouble before you know anyone likes or wants it. So you pays your money and you takes your choice.

What prompted this discussion was this I saw on Facebook as the way I might consider doing it now, from Mom By Example:

I am SO excited!!! Kathy XXXXXXX and I have co-authored a book and I need YOUR help! I am looking for 100 moms of young children, (newborn to 10-12ish), to be on the book’s launch team. I will send you a free copy of the book, entitled There’s an Easier Way, and add you to a secret Facebook page where you will be entered to win over $200 in gifts and prizes, and have fun interacting with other moms. All I will ask you to do is read the book, tell friends about it on social media, and rate it on Amazon! Did I mention that I am excited? Just PM me on this page or my XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXX Facebook page. Thanks!

I think this is absolutely GENIUS and with complete props to Mom By Example I shall be modelling this at my very earliest opportunity. I love the simplicity and ease and if I were a Mom I’d be in. Like Flynn. Because it’s very tempting.

In other news we talk about early starts, making room in our calendars to Get A Life, creating a marketing funnel for a client from the ground up, how much our fires have been fuelled by the moving and inspirational way in which our #OwnItSummit speakers are sharing their deeply personal stories of lifestyle design. Note: It generally involves a burnout or one of life’s lowest ebbs before they were able to work out what’s really important an rebuild from there.

Words of the week are Happy and Life. We are impressed by two of our speakers who regularly make phenomenal amounts of wonga from paid webinars ($70,000! and two a month!!) and Nicola recommends something by Dan Norris which is about creating 50 bits of content – a day. Blimey. We are mixing with the movers and shakers now.

And we update our progress for the Summit itself – 18 speakers out of 20 booked with 11 scheduled to be recorded by the weekend, so we’ll be over half way with that aspect of the project. We are using Trello as a project planning and management tool, I really like it – Nicola prefers creating a system to actually using one (!) and yet now we have a marketing plan, have made our first sale of $197 and we have 65 out of the requisite 100 supporters on Thunderclap. Please take 2 mins to be No 66. You’ve no idea how much that will help us. Unless we can get the full 100, the Thunderclap doesn’t happen and it will be vital publicity for us on 17th June, the day before the Summit itself.


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