Creating an Offer

You’ll remember last week I told you that Susan had given me a couple of ideas for my newsletter and we started by talking about #1 which was Growing Your Platform.

This week? #2 is Creating an Offer.

When Susan and I first spoke way back last September we got on the same page about her new business and we brainstormed her ideal client and her new pricing and how many clients she would need/want at that price. Pretty standard stuff round these parts.

But we overlooked something quite crucial.

Susan is reassuringly expensive. And last week she wondered aloud and in my earshot if this might make it difficult for potential clients who were new to her thing to make the leap from zero to a four-figure investment. Whilst I don’t think it will eventually, at least not for her ideal client, I did agree with her that it might be a good idea to come up with a starter pack, an offer which would encourage people to give it a go for an affordable fee and reducing any perceived risk.

This would effectively act as a taster session so people could find out what’s involved in podcasting and whether they will like it and, once they have the top-notch quality audio recording, how to make it work for them and their business.

We worked out a price which would make sense for Susan and that newbie podcaster. And we talked of the possibility of even deducting part or all of that starter price from Susan’s eventual much larger investment.

Susan came up with this idea instinctively and I could tell it wasn’t born of scarcity. If it had been, I would have talked her out of it. I thought it was a genius idea, to be making potential clients an offer they would love to take her up on. Making it easy for people to buy is always on the money.

Do you do that? That’s the point of this story. Do you have a taster way of working with you or sampling your wares that the nervous or shy or cautious can use as a way of trying you out first?

If not, why not?

Let me know if you want me to help you with brainstorming that thought process and pricing.

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