Creating the Impossible with Michael Neill

I’m on Day 9 of Creating the Impossible, Michael Neill’s new book which whispersynced its way into my life on 2nd January. Of course, being a bit of a neat accountant, I had to double up on two of those days as I couldn’t bear the thought of being on Day 9 on any day other than the 9th January, if you see what I mean? Ghastly.

I’m happy to be reminded that creativity/creating means bringing something into the world which wasn’t there before. I know that. I’ve done that a gazillion times. I love doing that. I’m good at that. Happy to be reminded of that.

Week One was exploratory, discovery. I was able to take it easy. Ish. There have been reminders to create and yesterday was commitment time. I had fiddled about with ideas about writing, being more of a writer etc. as my theme for my Impossible dream/project. My list includes (in no particular order of importance – yet):

  • Sell more copies of Your Biz Your Way, my first proper book, self-published in 2017
  • Create more income through client attraction and other opportunities arising from that book; be intent upon deliberately creating both of those
  • Decide on the topic of Book #2 and possibly even write it within the 90 days (!). My experience is that once I have my topic, the words flow out of me and it was The Best Thing Ever, writing that book and holding it in my hand
  • 100 Amazon reviews (UK and US). Ask. Remind. Send an email to those who bought it on Selz too
  • Get it available on Kindle (need to talk to Matt to make sure I have the right digital content for that, pretty sure I do but need ducks officially in a row for this happening smoothly)
  • Use 22 Social relevantly; for instance, I can offer those who want it an affiliate income to refer my book to their friends on FB
  • Get my Amazon author page sorted out. I had one, I took it down when I came off Amazon previously. I need to re-create it. This one would count as a real starting point commitment to the Impossible 90-day program, a good place for me to roll myself all in
  • Guest post regularly on e.g. TUT and Medium
  • Talk to Tom Evans about Audiobooks. He offered himself in this capacity before Xmas. Follow up. I would love to record YBYW
  • WRITE EVERY DAY. This is The One. To become a writer (proper), one must write every day. I’ve done this before, I can do it again.
  • Measure sales and count reviews, again with deliberate intent to create more of  both. What you measure improves
  • Put my book header on Facebook Notes etc. Er, I think I might have done this one already!
  • Promote Your Biz Your Way at least once each business day, in some way.  A new blog post does that, so does an old one re-purposed as a Facebook Note, so does sharing reviews

Daily, Michael asks:

  1. How did you show up to your Impossible project today?
  2. What did you do?
  3. What did you notice?
  4. What happened?

Yesterday I thought about it but was creative in other ways. I read the bit of the book, I decided to blog (but didn’t), I helped a client get creative instead which is very much a part of my mission in life but not necessarily within the guidelines of this project. I noticed that I allowed other things and other people and their legitimate needs to get in the way, helping a friend and fixing the printer (busting a toleration). Nevertheless I worked for at least 12 hours yesterday and I’m not sure when I would have fitted in writing a blog post too, although here it is today, a weak start but a start nevertheless.

It is said that people overestimate what they can get done in a short period of time (yesterday) but underestimate what they can get done in a longer period of time (90 days) so I’m in, and I’ll remain in whether or not signs of that are visible.  Other people have made significantly more impressive progress in the last week and that’s none of my business.

More follows.

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