Creating a Living Doing What You Love

I’m not sure that I loved every element of being an accountant, but I loved being able to help my clients through taking care of that burden for them. Same thing with being a business coach. While there are aspects of it which might become burdensome, that’s never going to be the clients who I still love to help in the way that I do now.

What do you love? And are you creating a living doing it?

That’s a perennial question in my world.

Certainly it could be said that some elements of my first business robbed the joy out of accounting for me. Without those ever-more-demanding clients in my life “these days”, I do still LOVE doing my own sums. But I think my main goal then was to be of service. It still is.

But what if your thing is creativity, as it is for so many of my clients? Or what if you are in love with something but it doesn’t seem sensible to you to try to earn a living doing it, perhaps because you’ve been indoctrinated with that belief by people you trusted and who loved you, teachers and parents?

There have been three or four examples this week alone where clients eventually got to the place of doing something they absolutely love and excel at and getting paid for it. And another example where a client is working up to jumping from the Sensible to the Love project. The first ones have reported joy and happiness and satisfaction and, in turn, I couldn’t be happier for them.

Much is talked about whether Do What You Love is useful advice to newbies, to anyone. I believe it is. And the reason I believe that is because my clients reinforce it to me over and over as they prove that doing something sensible for money is not sustainable, but doing something you love is. In fact I would go so far as to say that ultimately it is the only way, however long it takes each of us to reach that point of decision and intention.

Do write and let me know where you are on the scale from doing something sensible for money>>>doing something you love and getting paid for it.

Your Biz Your Way

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