Creative Business Partners: Offered & Wanted

I am coming to the end of the first two months of my gap year and its all going swimmingly. I love the luxury of so much leisure time and total freedom; I am becoming addicted to Sudoku.

I have been wrapping up projects, streamlining my life and business interests and completing with my 2010 clients.   I have discovered I enjoy the structure that brings to my life and that I like to have something to pin my day on, shaping my week.   And, of course, its no secret I love to help people.

This morning I was writing a note to the five chums who are coming to play Cashflow with me on Saturday in these words: “this is a game which is mostly better played collaboratively than for a personal win.   If we help each other, we all get a better result”.  

Clunk!  This is what I stand to lose in my gap year, playing creatively and collaboratively with partners for a better result for all.

So, I’ve come up with this idea… see what you think.   For those who will write and say “but I thought you were on a gap year?”, this isn’t work and won’t ever become work.   Thanks for your care and concern though, bless you.

I am looking to hook up with creative entrepreneurs, self-employed people and those in business who want and need a financial partner to help shorten the journey and end the struggle.   These might include those in search of a non-executive director, a consultant,  a JV partner or a business angel ready to donate her skills in return for the right quid pro quo. 

But this works both ways too – not only do I want to offer those skills to you in your creative and entrepreneurial endeavours, but I may also want to cut you in to the deals and opportunities which are coming my way right now in gorgeous, abundant waves.   Its a swap so long as we both get what we need and want.

So let’s talk.   What qualities am I looking for in a business partner?

  • An open mind full of lots of creative and entreprenurial spirit
  • Time and money* to invest in your own financial freedom
  • Get up and go, intelligence, a GSOH and robust psyche well able to withstand my “razor sharp and blunt”
  • Skype so we can work together as I travel the world – fancy a trip to the Caribbean?
  • A readiness to start NOW

*This isn’t for you right now if you are skint. I have another plan I am working on for you guys which I should be able to reveal long before the gap year is over.

So, what do you say? Shall we take the time to explore mutual possibilities?   

Let’s begin with a no strings exploratory telephone or Skype call to see what we have to offer one other. This inevitably involves me hearing all about your goals, ideas, frustrations, your wealth profile, your finances and more. And me sharing my latest thoughts on how to become financially free from the relaxed perspective of a gap year with plenty of time to think up better ways of doing almost everything entrepreurial.

This is a lifetime offer, i.e. 3-5 years until you are out of the Rat Race. However, for the right people, I think we can do it as swiftly as three months if you are prepared to take risks and keep it simple.   Yes, only three months!

Let’s set it up.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Sophie Kinsella says:


    I was just going through your site “” and I really found it interesting and informative. I am a content writer and I write articles on various topics of Finances. I really liked the way you have presented your site.

    I would request you to give me an opportunity to write an article on any financial topic as a “Guest Writer” for my personal finance blog. It would be great to be a part of reputed site like yours 🙂

    The article will be 100% original and will be published only on your site and I will not charge you a single penny for this.

    Please let me know if you agree on this.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sophie Kinsella
    Facebook Profile:!/profile.php?id=100002095819547

  2. Judith Morgan says:

    Hi Gill
    That sounds like a really exciting project; good luck with that.
    Let me know if you want to chat – do email via the link in the blog post, perhaps after your launch?

  3. Gill says:

    Hi Judith, Looks like you might already have your hands full. I too am curious and potentially looking for new business partners to run JVs with in a new Bootcamp I am bringing to market very soon (28 March is DDDay). The Business Transformation Bootcamp is a six programme and interactive online business coaching tool with a proven formula for ongoing and recurring client attraction. I am literally working on the sales and marketing plans right now.

  4. Judith Morgan says:

    Good luck with this, Jiles. It sounds like a BRILIANT idea, I really mean that.
    I am working my way through the replies I’ve received; will let you know if any capacity remains.

  5. Sounds intriguing
    In January I launched a new project here in Champagne called My Man In Champagne
    In essence it’s a service aimed at smaller champagne makers who want to get their message out to the world and don’t have the time, skill or budget to do so.

    We do this by means of a web site which attracts visits in large numbers from wine lovers around the world. Then using videos and other visual supports( webinars, live tasting etc) we facilitate dialogue between the champagne makers and their consumers. We give the smaller guys the voice that usually only the big brands can afford and help the consumers find great champagne they would otherwise not discover

    The pluses are: multiple sources of revenue (advertising, merchandise, subscription payments from champagne makers and more ), low overheads ( main cost is staff ), high margins, and positive cash flow (transactions mostly paid in advance)

    Have a team of three ( soon to be four ) motivated partners with backgrounds in E-Commerce, IT, Finance and champagne (me)

    Don’t require huge funding and may be able to do without entirely but funding would accelerate growth no end. Having said this money is tight at present so could be an opportunity for you second offer
    If you are intrigued, please drop me a line

    Meanwhile enjoy the sabbatical year

  6. Judith Morgan says:

    Hi Sue
    I like PayPal too and although I have heard those stories also, they have never happened to me and I don’t expect them to. Is that the key?
    I dont need money but you might if you want to invest in yourself to get your plans to come true speedily. I am not offering or selling courses, proposing business partnerships.
    I may contact you privately too so we can set up a time to chat. Off to read your site first.
    Thanks for your comment.

  7. Sue says:

    Dear Judith, I couldn’t get the gist of what you were actually offering in your newsletter, so I am explaining my needs and what I can offer
    What I need is time to produce e-products such as e-courses and e-reports, ebooks, etc.
    I am interested in affiliating related products.
    I am looking to find the right vehicle to sell my products, one that is simple for my customers to use and acceptable payment methods. For example, I like to pay via Paypal as it keeps my personal credit card details private. However, I have heard some horror stories from sellers using Paypal, so still pondering on this issue. I am also investigating using E-Junkie.
    What do you need the money for? I am not interested in courses as I have done numerous over the years. WHAT I CAN OFFER: Financial support for a project that needed funds and which would provide a good profit over a short time. I am not interested in long-term investment.
    Writing of copy, checking copy, designing courses, doing research, public speaking/facilitating, large contact base.
    If any of the above resonates with what you are looking for, then please provide some more information. Kindest Regards, Sue

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