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She-decided-to-free-herself-I’ve been the beneficiary of several pieces of precious entrepreneurial advice and creative inspiration over the last few days. I have a feeling there must be something in the air. It started with an exchange with another Creator profile such as myself. We sparked off one another. This led to my having ideas and my companion having ideas and us exchanging notes later which showed we’d both moved on as the result of just one sparky conversation.

Next I was reminded of the value of getting away from all things familiar during a little break in my normal routine. I find that good things often happen when I am away from my desk and these good exchanges of energy then resulted in a flurry of emails from my playmates over the weekend and creative ideas and challenges, including:

  1. Taking the time to write down 100 Gratitudes, one hundred things which have happened during my life, what they were and why I’m grateful for them and what they brought into my life.
  2. Volunteering to be a guinea pig in someone else’s creative project – to have something bespoke created especially for me – imagine the sheer abundance of that!
  3. Deciding to deliberately choose how I create my day by taking a few moments each morning before getting out of bed to make up my mind precisely the sort of day I intend to create, rather than having it unfold rather haphazardly.
  4. Being invited to participate in a new exploratory project where perhaps we might help other entrepreneurs with our skills in sales, marketing, business growth and finance.

Those four opportunities arose organically. They just arrived at my virtual doorstep and I decided to accept the challenge/invitation or step up, join in and offer myself.

I also set my own special challenges to myself around freedom and abundance, two of my favourite words, concepts and goals right now.  I asked myself how I could feel just one notch more abundant and the answer came to me that I should stop reading the financial press which I find terminally gloomy and which affects my mood adversely. I steer well clear of general bad news but financial news is, to some extent, what I do for a living so I was thinking I was being professional by being “well informed”.

But I’ve decided to unsubscribe from the weekly dose of Bad Financial News and see how I get on. And almost immediately someone sent me – unsolicited – a lengthy and detailed report from a guy I really respect which was almost exclusively Good Global Financial News which cheered me up no end and certainly achieved that goal first thing this morning, that of feeling at least one notch more abundant today.

How could I feel freer? I have a big stack of beautiful journals in which I write my various daily writing rituals of the 40-day Abundance Program, morning pages, intentions, notes to self and more. These lovely notebooks have little sayings on the front which inform how you might write inside. I grabbed this one in a rather startling mustard/turquoise combo, thinking the change from my normal colour preferences might cause me to choose new paths. I didn’t notice the picture on the front of the notebook which is of caged birds flying free. Or the words:

“She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language. And birds fluttered around her, writing “YES” in the sky.”

And there was my answer. SHE DECIDED TO FREE HERSELF.

If I want more abundance, I can ask myself what would help and do that one little thing to increase my quotient by one notch. If I want more freedom, I can simply decide to liberate myself. If I want a nice day to unfold in a particular way, I can choose it before I get out of bed. If I want to volunteer as a guinea pig or work in new projects with new collaborators, it’s as simple as being open to the new.

  • Asking myself and listening to my own wisdom.
  • Taking a different route and noticing what shows up.
  • Saying YES!
  • Writing it down and making it happen.
  • And deciding to free myself.

Why ever did I think I needed to make it more complex than that?

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