Creative Napping

I’m about ten days into experimenting with creative napping. Here’s how it works.

I get up whenever I feel like it in the morning and I motor through my list of intentions for the day until lunchtime or just beyond. At some point I force myself to stop working and go for a lie down. I might read or stroke the cat or have a little sleep or meditate, or all of the above. Whatever. I take a break in my day. Rather a long one. Up to four hours usually between 2 and 6 p.m. Very Mediterranean, me.

Then I come back to my desk and finish off. ¬†And typically I don’t stop until it’s done, I power on through.

This is markedly different from the way I have worked all my life in that I used only to allow myself breaks when I had done all my work. Now I am experimenting with leaving certain things undone and coming to feel confident that good ideas will occur to me for blog posts while I am creatively napping, or solutions to clients’ problems or my own problems come to that.

It isn’t that I am thinking about my work either, quite the reverse. I am stepping out of seeking solutions and brilliant ideas and allowing them to come to me instead.

I like it. It’s working. Wanna have a go and let me know what happens?

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2 Responses to “Creative Napping”

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  1. Natasha says:

    I would love to do this as I work so much better at night. Noted for future ref.

  2. Chantal says:

    I love the idea of creative napping! I am big fan of taking a break at lunchtime, although I don’t do it enough. The thing that makes me take a proper break is taking my horse out for a ride at lunchtime. In the winter, when it’s too dark in the evening, it’s lovely to ride during the day. I might be away from the office for a couple of ideas and when I go back, I’m definitely refreshed and re-energised, so like you, can keep working longer and harder.

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