Creativity: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Fourteen

Judith-abundancefest-1I have an abundance of creativity. That isn’t something I always knew about myself. Correction, it IS something I always knew about myself but it was somewhat buried until I gave myself permission to be creative. Typically accountants aren’t thought of creative, not in a way which is well connoted at least. Creativity in accounting is often taken to mean cooking the books!

What helped? After I sold my accounting business and my travel agency, and started to create other business opportunities, I realised I was a starter, not a manager. And reading the E-Myth helped me understand how to profit by that natural inclination and talent and how to create wealth from starting, growing, replicating and selling businesses, a skill which can be learned.

What else helped? Reading the results of my Wealth Profile test and discovering that I am a Creator felt like coming home to me. Take the test by all means, but don’t take the results too seriously, they are a guide not a straitjacket. If you want help in understanding how the results of your own Wealth Profile test make you a better business person, send me the PDF and book yourself in for one of my Entrepreneur of the Day calls at Let’s Talk.

Creative PeopleTo me, creativity is an abundance of ideas. Of late, I am chuffed that I have learned that I don’t need to keep investing businesses to satisfy my creative self but rather that I can bring all those ideas together in the marketing of my one existing business. ┬áThis is much more satisfying and calming than constantly being on the move.

I wonder what form your own creativity takes. Are you an artist or a writer? Are you a Scanner? Are you a coloured-y pen type of creative? Or a musician, inventor, craftsperson. Do you make things? As someone in the service sector I have always admired and envied people who have a product to show for their day’s labour, when the rest of us often have to make do with a warm glow for reward. Don’t get me wrong, a warm glow is a very good result indeed, no complaints from me.

Or are your ideas all over the shop, an ill-disciplined bunch which seem to you not to connect up at all and only serve to create mayhem? I’ve been there, for sure. Mind maps can help. That way you can see which ideas hook up usefully and which are extraneous and can stay in the ideas book for another day.

If you have an abundance of creativity and you would like my help in bringing it all together in a way which is helpful and which creates more of what you want, this summer – more happiness, hope, success, love and a smidgen of business success and more money – then check our my AbundanceFest2014, my summer festival without the music or the mud. Just lots of what abundance crafted especially with you in mind.

We’ll have a 1-2-1 on Skype/phone and then I will invite you to a summer party in my South London garden, join our Facebook group, come to a Cashflow game and three follow up group calls. August and September 2014, you and me, abundant you and me. I’ve got room for 24 adventurers, and 10 tickets are already sold. It is my dearest wish that ticket no 11 has your name on it.

Here’s a beautiful little video which Abundant Julia Elmore made for me to spread the word about this event. Thanks Julia!

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