Cristina Palma is our Guest: Podcast Ep 182

Cristina Palma is our guest today on Own It! the Podcast and she talks about Social Changers and Professional Volunteers.

Who are they? What’s that all about? Who’s it for? How does it help you as a professional volunteer? How does it help the social change project you work with? Cristina explains and gives us lots of handy tips too and shares with us examples like Tom’s Shoes, Pencils of Promise and Skilled Impact.

Watch Cristina’s interview on Facebook with Anna from Skilled Impact.

LISTEN HERE TO EPISODE #182 of OWN IT! The Podcast: Cristina Palma, Social Changers and Professional Volunteers

In other news, Nicola has arrived back in Greece after a trip to the UK. Sister Sarah is with her and the first thing they did was to go to a housewarming party which involved dancing and resulted in alcohol-induced headaches the next day. Nicola also tells about Roy and we debate husbands, me being so knowledgeable on the topic (not!).

I’ve got lots to tell her – sending out my Weirdo newsletter on a Thursday instead of the more normal Friday. Weird. What happens in Women’s Shed? I’ve discovered the answer. I’ve submitted my 100 words on the topic of Starting Over in Business, I’ve found a new hairdresser who funked me up a tad and all for the bargain price of £18 on Foil Friday (no colour for me, thanks). I’ve done a 200-mile round trip to Oxford, going past Stonehenge twice without incident, and I watch The Greatest Showman to celebrate a friend’s 51st birthday. Not much business news from me this week, all social, all good.

What’s Fuelled our Fire? Nicola gets to grips with the book she recommended last week – Playing to Win by A.G. Lafley – and she talks us through the five boxes which compose the business strategy he expounds. And I explain all about PayPal Credit as my first client takes advantage of it to buy a year in Small Business Big Magic. All that necessitated was me updating the buttons on my sales page, easy peasy. This means that I and my clients can now offer our clients instalment options and that’s between them and PayPal, not between me/us and them. Wonderful. Affordable.

Our Words of the Week are Friendship (me and Leslie, 52 years) and Sleep. Nicola’s getting the best sleep she’s had since living in Greece thanks to the rigging up of a 4-poster type mosquito net, initially for her sister Heather’s visit.

The only contribution in Project Updates comes from Nicola who is contemplating a JV and taking a call from someone later in the week who she thinks she might like to partner up with, providing the marketing. She does say earlier in the show that she was resisting a new business idea but I know it’s not the same one. Phew.

And finally, I tell her about my fun Eurovision experiences, a rarity. I haven’t done that for about thirty years nor shall I for another thirty if it lasts that long, but I was all in and I did enjoy it. I created some very funny notes on my iPad so that we could remember our faves when it came to voting (Germany and Norway), not that we voted of course. I was very happy with Netta as the winner and delighted with the way SuRie coped with the stage invasion during the UK’s performance. What a trooper!

While I am telling her this last bit, Nicola is delighted to see that Glenn Warner’s second video plops into her inbox. What a coincidence that we talked about volunteering last week and then Cristina talks about it today and Glenn’s video turns out to be about it too.

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