Cristina Palma: Life Creativist Coach

Today’s blog guest is Cristina, colourful, wonderful, international, creative Cristina Palma. Here she is, in her own words:

CristinaMy name is Cristina Palma and I am a Life Creativist Coach. As a life coach and as an individual I am ONE thing: a really happy human being.

Since I started to work on personal development more than twenty years ago I realized that the best way to change the world for a better place was by being what you want the world to be. “Be the change you want to see in the world” would be the best way to describe who I am today.

My business is all about that!

I started two years ago as a coach, and I have had an exciting working life for almost 30 years – yes! I started early! I was an actor, a cleaner, a cultural development manager, an administrator, a movie producer, and a social researcher just to name a few and I’ve worked for both the public and private sector. It is all that which I bring into my coaching relationship with you today.

In fact it is my life experience about getting what I really want in life, even though I did not grow up in the best conditions, and I was not always at the best places in my life…or maybe I was.

Spanish is my mother tongue. I learned English when I was 19 and French when I was 40 (when people said I probably was too old for that). I’ve lived in six countries (Chile, Australia, Spain, France, Ethiopia and Romania) and travelled to more than 30 countries in the last 20 years.

I reinvented my career life a few times because of circumstances, and I have done two Degrees and two Masters so I could fit in somewhere. But I wanted to be a coach for a long time and, when the time was right, I jumped!!

I love to work as a coach, not only because it is a very fun job to do while creating magic with others, but also because it gives me the freedom to create the life I really deserve. I set my own times and agenda, I work in a creative space, I create my own system of developing the business by following and inspiring myself with a few gurus in the coaching world, like Michael Neill, Steve Chandler, and Rich Litvin and, of course, by brainstorming with Judith, my own personal coach, who encourages my creativity and freedom at every coaching opportunity we have.

What has been very surprising about the life I have chosen to live is to realize that in order to inspire others, my number one job is to follow through the inspiring life I always wanted without having to wait for that perfect amount of money, moment or person in my life. The most shocking part of this choice is that the more I do, the more dreams I achieve, the more room I have to create the REAL life I want. I expand every time and every moment of my life when I accomplish my goals to unexpected and wonderful new heights.

My mission is to encourage people to activate their dreams and help them to make their dream life come true. I love to serve people who are doing something to improve the world, and I really mean this in the simpleest way… like working with people who want a better life so they can be what they really want to be and become a real contributor to the world. To those people who are ready to be the next Nelson Mandela with a few adjustments to their own story including that of making money doing what they love.

Growing as a mature, healthy and magical individual has been pivotal to becoming a life coach. I read, I participate in workshops, I have my own coach, I meet people, I write for a coaching journal which allows me to learn even more about coaching, I travel to listen to people’s stories, and watch fun and inspirational movies. I investigate when I am unresolved about something. I seek honesty in my relationships; I nurture loyalty and I create colourful drawings, writing and images that journal my life and the life of others who inspire me.

I am really looking forward to developing my business with my clients; every time I have a client, a new idea comes up and a new improvement raised for the next coaching relationship I create. I am looking forward to developing a radio/podcast about coaching and courageous people in the world who have made it even without a coach! I am looking forward to implementing “inner strength” workshops using yoga, meditation, painting and personal development journeys, and I am excited about the one-to-one travelling coaching experience “There is a Journey in Every Travel” program which I am launching with some of my clients.

The only way to know what I am really like or what the coaching experience with me is all about is by meeting me via skype or face to face (when feasible) and for us to have a “powerful conversation” with your dreams, fears and aspiration for the life you really want to live.

Follow Cristina on her travels via Twitter: @LifeCreativist

And here she is on Facebook: – mention my name so she knows how you heard of her. She also has a Facebook Page but it’s in Spanish. Let me know if you are looking for it and cannot find it, if your Spanish is good enough. Suffice to say…mine’s not!

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