Criticism or Critique? Alice Sheridan: Podcast Ep 193

Today we are back podcasting after taking the month of August off. And our listener/guest is London-based landscape artist Alice Sheridan who teaches us about the distinction between criticism and critique. Alice says that art is judged within 2.7 seconds – wow! She explains how feedback is useful for any creative person, how to frame the question when you ask for it and how it helps you to make up your own mind about your work which often we can be too close to. Fascinating discussion, useful for all creators and creatives.


Nicola and I fill each other in on what we’ve been up to on our holidays. She’s been at the beach, she’s brown and healthy after a lot of sun-bedding, walking, snorkelling and swimming. She’s had visitors and Sarah’s back with her too. She’s been to a couple of writing sprints, accountability groups where you get to write 2500 words in one session and she’s discovered an online feedback forum for writers called

I tell her about housesitting for my brother in London for 8 nights and coming back poorly and exhausted after I rather overdid it socialising and catching up with friends I hadn’t seen for anything between one and thirteen years, nothing to do with being a digital nomad that last one. And how I spent a long weekend in bed in my special healing PJs after that and how, as the holiday month eased on, I got fully rested thanks to an Out of Office reply and a week off from Small Business Big Magic which I often get at the end of 31-day months like May and August and December.

Our respective fires have been fulled by my PWYW average rate during August rising to £80, and Nicola is ready to reveal that her special client is Jane Lewis of

Our Words of the Week are Wood (hers) and it must be seasoned, and mine is Autodidact for reasons I cannot remember since I put it on the crib sheet way back in July!

Nicola is switching to ThriveCart for herself and Jane, and my latest September Low Carb Group called Baggy Trousers is up and running with room for one more on top of the zero sugar bus.

Finally, we are impressed by Robert Redford (me) and by Sam Blake’s Cathy Connolly novels (her).

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