Curiosity and Wonder

cat-1646566_640Lying in bed on Saturday morning I was thinking through my day ahead. I knew I had two clients booked into my online diary, the first at 11 and the second at 12.

One was a returning client and it had been a while since we’d spoken. She’d been prompted to book herself in when she read something in a recent newsletter which resonated.

The next was someone I don’t know very well and she’d felt the intuitive nudge to book herself in for one of my Entrepreneur of the Day calls so we could get to know one another in that capacity too. I had the sense she wanted to shake something loose, get out of her own head.

Lying there in my toasty bed I felt a familiar feeling, one of curiosity. My thoughts were “I wonder what L wants to talk to me about?” I wonder how my conversation with W will go?”

The thing is, I never know. And even when I think I do, I’m wrong.

The familiar feeling of curiosity and wonder was quite a spur to get out of bed. I realised that I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

And what a great way to get out of myself for a while, by being in the lives of others.

I have a curious approach to life, I realised. I want to know about stuff, specifically about what motivates and excites others. I want to hear their stories and add value to their challenges and opportunities.

I think the exciting bit is showing up, not knowing. And yet being prepared to be with the client wherever they are. And for the sum of our two parts to leave them in a better place than when they came. Talk, listening, conversation, exploration, curiosity, ideas, plans, motivation, inspiration.

Often we make magic together. Not necessarily then and there. But by cracking open and exploring what’s on their mind, I am amazed by how often the good things they have asked for and cosmically ordered on our calls show up in their inboxes within 24 hours. More wonder and amazement and excitement and gratitude.

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder. I hope you dance*.


*Lyrics borrowed from Lee Ann Womack from her song of the same name. Soppy alert. I love soppy, me. And a bit of new country.

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