My Daily Business Routines

post-it-notes-1284667_640By this time of the year I have collected a number of daily routines I leap out of bed in the morning to perform in my business. A few of them I have to keep a perennial sticky note about, so I don’t forget.

  1. I turn on my mobile phone once a day to see if there are any messages. Mostly, there aren’t. As is well documented, I don’t like the phone and don’t use it. Anyone who wants to reach me generally uses email, but you never know.
  2. I open up the Momentum extension for Chrome and I tweet the daily homily, if appropriate. Usually it is appropriate. I notice that Twitter followers often like the ones I like least. C’est la vie. There’s nothing so popular or Tweetable – ever – as an inspirational quote.
  3. I type into Momentum my focus for the day. Currently it is The Delights of the Day and it has been for some while. That’s a reminder to me to go with the flow, live in the moment and enjoy the delights that this day will bring.
  4. I check my emails and reply to any which have come in overnight. Inbox zero is just how I roll.
  5. I do the same with Facebook, mostly focusing on my groups.
  6. I share an inspirational meme, if I see one, in my Enlightened Entrepreneurs group just to perk us up and start the day off on the right note.
  7. I make a draft blog post live so it goes out on Twitter, then share the FB note of that post I already have in drafts on my FB Page, and share it on my profile too.
  8. That means I have to update my sticky post to make sure that’s always the one that appears at the top of my blog. It’s where my SBBM clients look to see when our next drop-in call is scheduled for.
  9. Later in the day, if we’ve had one of those calls today, I update that post again to reflect that.
  10. I share Today’s Tune on Facebook. Today’s will be #364.
  11. I take five minutes to write in my Five-Minute Journal answering the three morning questions: what am I grateful for, what would make today great and what daily affirmations will I choose?

What do I notice about that list?

By this time of the year it is WAY. TOO. LONG. And, often, I haven’t even hit the bathroom yet or fired up the Nespresso machine.

I will not be doing all of those next year and I am just two days away from pruning the list back to zero and next year I probably will not start by doing numbers 2, 3, 6 and 10. But we shall see.

This is also a great time of year to be thinking about which, if far fewer, I would deliberately choose to put on my 2017 list of daily business routines and why. I’m going to enjoy that process and may share when done.

And I am absolutely determined, and reiterating here to keep me strong, that I will not be doing anything in 2017 which requires me to do it daily, 365 times. What on earth am I thinking when I commit to that? Bonkers!

What daily business routines will you choose for 2017 and why?

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