Day Job or Day Joy?

Jumping for JoyI accidentally made a bit of a boo boo when typing an email to a member of the 30DC. When intending to say Day Job, it came out as Day Joy, but I didn’t notice until after I had pressed Send. Oops!

And then I thought “Well, that’s just a Freudian slip, isn’t it”? Today my day is joyful and that’s what I want for all my clients, all the time. If they want out of the day job, I want that for them too. And I want them to find their new self-employed work joyful and ultimately rewarding in all the ways they hope and dream.

OK, reality check. Self-employment is not joyful every moment of every day, no siree. On Friday I confessed to the Small Business Big Magic group that I don’t love all of my clients all of the time, no matter how much I might try to do that. And even with those 5% that I struggle with, it’s not them, it’s me. ¬†And it’s not the same 5% either, they rotate! They are the ones with issues I feel strongly about and frustrated for them and even exasperated some times. My wise colleague, Marion, calls these clients our “gifts”. They are in our lives to teach us something. And ain’t that just grand?

My clients are the least of my problems. My main non-joyful moments are all down to me. They include wanting to do everything all at once, trying to have a life and work too, continuing delays in attaining my own dreams, tech challenges and so forth. But even as I write that list, I realise my challenges are small and it’s been a while since there’s been a massive meltdown round here. And I don’t even anticipate one. I think it is because I am in a particularly creative phase and I have plenty of help with those bits which either don’t set my heart on fire or where I am, frankly, inept. Hush my mouth.

The truth is that my life and my work is joyful. I am a lucky, lucky girl. I know that, and I am grateful for it every day. I think this is about choice, again; stop me if you are bored with my recurring theme. Mostly I get to make the decisions about what’s important and what I will do when and that feels like freedom, especially in the summertime with the sunshine and the windows open, cue lush soundtrack to my joy.

Today I am having a lovely day multi-tasking across two client groups and one new project and I’m enjoying (geddit?) plenty of opportunity to put my creativity to good use with lots of lovely time spent helping clients to achieve their aims and ambitions too and coming up with solutions for them and helping to assuage their demons which always seem bigger in the night, like entrepreneurial monsters lurking under the bed.

Lovely. Lovely. Did you notice? Today is lovely and I am joyful.


If you’d love for your life or work to be (even more) joyful or you want help out of the day job, just Contact me for a chat. Let’s go excavating for YOUR day joy.

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Fiona, you lovely thing! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am grateful for your virtual visit. x

  2. Fiona says:

    Lovely to read Judith. Lovely! You are inspiring a lot of people at the moment. It’s always good to remember some of the 5% of things out there that are just what you said, “gifts”. I feel like I have been in a testing phase, which I can now call a “gift phase”, for a long while now and was getting frustrated, despondent … but kept believing something great was about to happen. I am grateful you have walked into my life!

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