Days Like Sue: Thank You for Believing

No sooner had I told Nicola on the podcast that testimonials are hard to come by than a second one came flooding in. Two in as many weeks! This one is from Sue and, as you will see, I have her permission to share:

“Hi Judith,

I wanted to say a belated thank you for our session.

I absolutely loved the idea of using a Facebook Business page as a “precursor” to my website. I have been struggling massively with trying to get a website up and running and so this was music to my ears.

I also want to say thank you for believing in what I want to create.  Like most people, I have days of great belief and activity, and other days when all of my negative self-talk takes over. I really want to make this business work and so will check in for another session when I have taken my first step – the FB page.

Finally, I have taken the liberty of attaching my Big Picture vision, if you have time to take a peak.

Thanks again Judith, and feel free to use some of this email as a testimonial should you want to.   Sue”

Some of it? I used it all! Thanks Sue. x


Gosh! I resonate with Sue saying that she has days of great belief and activity, and other days when all of her negative self-talk takes over. Don’t you?

What’s the solution to that?

Interestingly, I know that Sue has the solution because she is already an incredibly successful businesswoman with a considerable track record so I know she’s busted through every limiting belief there is, indeed limiting beliefs are also her current stock in trade too because she has read and studied loads in this area, for her new business.

  • She’s franchised a business, completely unrelated to this one.
  • She’s published a book about the old business model, which may apply here too.
  • She’s married. With children. I’ve not done that.
  • She’s done stuff. I’ve done that!

Sue knows that these thoughts and feelings are entirely normal and that these too will pass (and nip back now and again occasionally, to keep her human). It’s just because she’s getting into business in a new area, one which is less familiar to her as yet.

Isn’t it reassuring to know that women like Sue feel these feelings too and that they don’t allow themselves to get stuck there for long?

Isn’t it great that she gives us all permission to have days like Sue?

I’m encouraging her, of course. I love her vision. I am fortunate that most clients do not bring me visions I cannot see. It does happen. Usually we do not throw the baby out with the bathwater, rather we re-shape it to something we can both see working. Otherwise I wouldn’t be in integrity. The back and forth is part of the process which helps to create clarity for my client.

And the fairly new relationship we have already provides ideas, and accountability for Sue to get that FB Page done. It also enables me to offer ways to help Sue and all current and future clients just like her to get over that other stuff and keep moving, at whatever pace feels right just now.

If it is time for you to get some of that into your business and your life, I’d love to hear from you. Email me, even during August. Especially during August.

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