Days Out: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Twenty Five

The Waterway Maida valeOn Wednesday I took a day out of the office for some continuing personal development with some of my clients. It was a boiling hot day and far too hot to be sitting in a stuffy venue. Fortunately by some stroke of luck the workshop was only two hours either side of lunch so afterwards I was able to repair to the canal as it runs through Maida Vale in London, and site beside the water with four beloved clients, eventually staying to have supper with two of them.

An abundance of great experiences unfolded during the day.

I love Maida Vale and Warwick Avenue but I had forgotten quite what a nice part of town it is. My first joy of the day was rediscovering that, while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Next I trialled something I had never done before. Because there was no parking at the venue, I found something online where home-owners rent out their front drives and booked myself a perfect little parking spot for about one third of the cost had there been NCP or other parking provision in the neighbourhood. There wasn’t. It worked like a dream and I would highly recommend if you haven’t discovered it yet. This took a good deal of potential stress out of what was shaping up to be a very hot day, an airless scorcher.

Next I met a very nice stranger on the pavement outside the venue, a lady from Calgary in Canada taking a year in London with her husband and one of her three children, having left the other two grown-up ones behind. She was absolutely loving my home town and that always makes me proud. I’m not one for making new friends in public places though I am strangely good at it and it created some fabulous moments while I was waiting for my own chums to arrive.

So, at this point, I am three delicious surprises up and the workshop hasn’t even started. I wrote about the workshop yesterday so I am going to skip on to the rest of the lovely bits, reconnecting with the Alternatives team, past and present. Having a chat to Nick Williams who can remember me going to one of his events years ago, I mean YEARS. What a good memory! We both stood and gently perspired in the heat while rolling back the years.

It was too hot to go outside during the lunch break but at the end of the day we mooched up to the canal to The Waterway and sat at the water’s edge for a very pleasant late afternoon and early evening, discussing what we had learned during the day and swapping news. We eventually had some delicious food before venturing home, tired but happy.

A day out, a week away, a holiday, a skive – all are refreshing breaks from which one returns to one’s work anew. Note to self. Have more days out. Ooh, I see I have one planned for next Tuesday, another riverside spot for some more creative work with a colleague. There should be more Days Like This, cue Van Morrison.

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