Firstly let me apologise for bringing that word into your world. De-niching.

Yes, I know. Yuk.

Better or worse than uncoupling? Grim, both of them.

But, this week, de-niching is my magnificent obsession.


It’s not what you are supposed to do.

Nicola will go ballistic when I tell her on the podcast.

It’s counter-intuitive as all hell, perhaps that’s why I like it so much. It feels right.

Marketing experts will tell me I am wrong, and I may prove them right.

I may need a new website for it, I already own the URL for it, but you know how I feel about a woman having more than one website!

This would be the perfect time to switch all new biz over to PWYW too so that people could book a conversation or a series of them to discuss anything and everything – their lives, their businesses, their money (or lack thereof), their addictions. It’s all interconnected anyway, most of my clients do not and cannot compartmentalise their lives. I don’t even recommend it.

What would I say to a client who had put forth such a convincing and passionate argument to me, seeking permission to switch horses?

Follow your heart, Judith. Follow your heart.

Your Biz Your Way

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