Dear Universe, I’m Ready For My Next Challenge

Laptop on Kitchen Table with Cup of CoffeeDear Universe,

Thank you for allowing me to enjoy several fabulous careers and business opportunities over the last 35 years of my entrepreneurial life during which time I have been an accountant, a business consultant, a wealth coach and a small business mentor.┬áNow I’m ready for my next challenge. How would you have me serve?

My skills and interests include but are not limited to:

  • Money, alternative investments and crowd-funding
  • Business growth and working smarter
  • Marketing your business online, writing web copy, blogging and social media
  • Problem-solving, creative thinking and ideas
  • Efficiency
  • Coaching and mentoring small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Troubleshooting and advice, being a sounding-board for business owners; listening
  • Wealth creation through business ownership

I am available in a virtual capacity on Skype and email. I live in South West London and I can offer meeting space here in my garden office. All opportunities must be part-time to fit round my existing mentoring and business commitments so I can continue working with my beloved clients. I will happily consider part fee/part equity for the right project(s) to which I can add value. If you don’t want to give away equity, remuneration proposals must be attractively abundant please.

I dearly love to work with creative people and support them in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Please email me in the first instance with details about your business and what help and support you need so I can see how I might bridge that gap, and then let’s chat on Skype. I’d really like to try something new and completely different so no preconceptions on my part and no holds barred; everything will be given careful consideration in total confidentiality. How can I help?




Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Openness, Margaret. What a nice word. One for meditating on today. Thanks for seeing that, noticing it, commenting and adding a useful extra dimension. x

  2. Margaret says:


    As you know I’ve been delivering career coaching sessions throughout this week. I encourage my clients to visualise their perfect job. I encourage them to seek, to network, to influence and shape the minds and perceptions of those they encounter to create that perfect opportunity…

    I’m still missing a trick.

    Sending a letter of application to the Universe with all the openness that signals… I wonder if anyone will be ready for this today?

    What an experiment!


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