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Today’s guest blogger is Deborah Taylor, with whom I am privileged to be working in two capacities right now. Deborah is helping me bring my books to market on SELZ, about which more in September. Meanwhile, here’s Deborah in her own words:

Deborah TaylorMy name is Deborah Taylor and I am the founder of Book-Launch Your Business. I started developing this business in 2012 because I wanted to bring together my book publishing experience with my passion for personal development.

I struggled for a long time to find the right business niche for me but the advent of Kindle gave me a huge opportunity for me to use my 12 years of publishing experience, IT training, coach training and NLP Master training in one business.

I believe that publishing a book is more than just another business activity. I believe writing and publishing a book is a way for each of us to express who we are as business owners as well as allowing us to develop confidence in our ideas and our skills.

However, with that said, I have a very practical and pragmatic approach to writing and publishing and strongly believe that a book needs to have a business purpose if it is to justify the time and effort it requires. I think this comes from my years working with wily and very profit-conscious publishers.

What my business does, who I serve, my mission…

My mission is to help 1000 solopreneurs become soloprenauthors and write books that have a significant impact on their businesses – and on their bottom lines. Publishing can be a confusing business and the process of planning, writing and marketing a book effectively is fairly long so my aim is to make that pathway easier to navigate so more books get published.

The things I love best about working for myself are…

Like many self-employed people, I love the freedom to choose when and how I work. I also love the scope I get to choose my own projects. I used to get bored in my employed roles because I always had more ideas than I could get done as part of my job.

I used to get frustrated when I could see books and other projects with huge potential but found the company I worked for didn’t share my vision or didn’t have the flexibility to allow me to do something new or different. By definition, a company is run by a group of people and there is a company mission and goal so it isn’t always possible for individual employees to follow their own hunches or passions. When your business is your own, you don’t have anyone else to answer to, and I love that.

The surprises have been…

There haven’t been a lot of surprises. I worried that I might miss the social aspect of being in the office when I first started working for myself, but I didn’t at all. Working at home definitely suits me. I have my office set up as I want it, I have all the contact with people that I want and I can scale it up or down depending on how I feel. If I want to get out and meet people, I attend a networking event or arrange to speak to a friend or colleague on Skype so I never feel lonely or alone. I like my own company so it suits me very well.

The shocks are…

There haven’t been many shocks about self-employment itself but I am constantly surprised by how much money you have to spend simply to be in business: from accountants fees to banking fees, and the need to buy information products and other services the list sometimes seems endless. You definitely need money behind you to start a business.

The other surprise is probably how many distractions there are working from home and how hard it is to set aside time for major projects. It’s all too easy to have time disappearing into admin, accounting and surfing. Email and social media are always dangerous from that point of view and I find I have to ring-fence them carefully or they have a tendency to eat up a lot of time.

How I’ve grown as a person/business owner…

I have definitely become more disciplined and more focused. My confidence has grown and I am more willing to face my fears, make mistakes and experiment than when I first started my business.

I have also developed a clearer vision of what I want to achieve and how I want to achieve it. Although I love to plan, my business vision was a little hazy when I started my business and I have had to work hard to figure out what exactly I want to produce and achieve so I can plan and implement effectively.

The thing I’m most looking forward to…

I have a number of projects in the pipeline at the moment, and a number of books, too. I’m very much looking forward to running my first book-writing boot camp in the autumn. I’m also looking forward to making my first YouTube videos and podcasts. I love to write but I also love to talk as well. I think the two go hand in hand. It’s also good to use different mediums for communication and I’m looking forward to using all of them to the full.

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