Dial Down Your Spinning Mind

Earlier this month I enjoyed a wonderful session with a client just renewing for a second year, and stepping up her commitment to herself and her business by upgrading from Small Business Big Magic, my starter group, to Club 100, my intermediate group.
No sooner had she done that than she wrote me an email detailing the various financial and other lucky abundances which had “just dropped into her lap” as a result of her commitment. Magical miracles, until we both remembered that exactly the same thing happened last year when she started with me. It’s that intent, I am sure. 100% convinced.
Today we had her induction for Year 2 and we were both amazed. Again. Because it took a direction neither of us had envisaged or anticipated, except that I think we were both open to the magic, and perhaps that’s all it takes.
We started off very logically, thinking about creating systems and structure for my client to earn what she wants out of her business and to have it run more smoothly and with less effort for her. And we’ll definitely go there during Year 2 too.
Logic is my middle name and I always need a client to show me the money. So we did the sums and she confessed to having pages of notes. But we got a bit bogged down, we couldn’t see what my client wanted coming out of those sums.
But, half way through our call, I got an intuition. And those very definitely do not come from my logical brain. They come from Somewhere Else, if I will but allow them. I am always open to them and I always offer them to my clients when they pop in. I do often preface them with a warning such as “switch off your logical brain and trust me/go with me on this one”.
Today we did that.
I asked the question. I waited in silence. (That’s a coach’s job.)
My client giggled, and asked if I wanted to know what wisdom she’d received.
Did I? DID I??
I most certainly did and how rewarding was it? I am getting goosebumps at the remembering of it.
Her body knew what she wanted next before either of our logical brains had struggled to the same conclusion. And yet neither of us were surprised by the answer either, because it felt so right. Why hadn’t we seen that when we were being calculating businesswomen just a few moments before?
The prospect thus revealed excited my client for herself and me for my work with her, and both of us could immediately see easier routes opening up, even if we don’t know the specifics yet. We’ll work on those next time and for the rest of our year together.
It was a magical moment. Many more such moments are available to us anytime we will switch off the logical brain and check in with all the other wisdom that’s available to us. It is amazing how even as our logical brain is saying “this isn’t going to work” that the answer comes unbidden from Somewhere Else.
I notice that my logical brain is giving me increasing amounts of “does not compute” type messages, as I struggle to understand the world in which I currently live. And yet, if I can simply switch it off, and trust that my body knows what’s best, my body, my soul, my higher self, then all is well.
On one level, this is more than a little unsettling to a logician such as myself.
But in every other way it is beautiful and magical and miraculous and easy. And I love the juxtaposition of the two.
When did we get so disconnected from our inner wisdom, and how soon and how often can we remember that we can always plug back in to that inner guidance I wonder?
If you are on the end of such wisdom from Somewhere Else, I’d love to hear your stories. One or two could go in the book to illustrate this point perhaps; being open to the magic makes it easier, and more fun.
Gosh! You won’t believe this. Or maybe you will. I clicked away, having completed my writing here, to Facebook where this message awaited me:
“Coincidence doesn’t exist and goosebumps never lie. Your body already knows the answer. All you have to do is dial down your spinning mind and follow the signs. Because you are always worthy of becoming the best, most actualised version of yourself” Victoria Erickson.
Dial down your spinning mind and follow the signs. And there we have it. My message for the week in nine words.
See that FB message in full from Hare in the Moon Astrology by clicking here.

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