Do What You Can

From Where you AreI know that life sometimes seems intolerably difficult. You feel blocked at every turn. Your own success and fulfillment are restricted by children and the demands of family life, and sometimes it feels as though all of that responsibility falls to you to keep the wheels on the road, husband, wife, partner, man, woman.

Perhaps your parents hold you back, or your friends or work colleagues? Maybe they don’t actually but your feeling limited by them or fearful of what they will think or say if you make a change has the same effect, it blocks you. You think they don’t want you to change and you don’t want to show them up or [insert your own reason here].

Or is it your partner standing in your way, unwilling to make changes, unable to see things your way, not prepared to brainstorm exit routes from the impasse in which you are both stuck?

All of these feel like very real blocks at times, I know. And the only one that can change is you, however sticky-stuck in the stuckness you are right now.

So what can you do?

I have been giving some thought to this. There’s always something we can do, however tiny. And that little tiny change could start the ball rolling and lead to a whole succession of others which would radically alter your life. I know, that can be scary, right? Perhaps you don’t want to change too fast and you fear you won’t be able to control that floodgates once you open the tap. But equally you know that something’s gotta change round here or you’ll go bonkers.

Start where you are. If finances are tight, start with your budget. You do have one of those, don’t you? How much of what you spend is examined and how much goes out without thought? If you have plenty really, all things considered, then just being more thoughtful about how you spend it might enable you to free up the resource to invest in you, or do something different which costs money you don’t think you have. It might pay for you to enrol in the art or writing class and provide the creative outlet you crave.

If there’s no room in the budget, spend the same but do it in a different way. For example, switching up what you spend your food budget on to healthier foods, for example, and going for a free daily walk could transform your health where a gym membership might break the bank. You can do this, however low you feel. Don’t leave it until after Christmas’s further indulgences, start now and you’ll feel great by the time you get to 25th December. Just imagine your New Year on a healthy high which starts today!

If it’s not money, what is it holding you back?

Do you know what you want? Or is it just a series of non-specific longings for pastures new. itchy feet?

How do those longings feel…hopeless, unreal, disloyal, impossible, scary?

Do what you can with what you have where you are. And if you want a fresh perspective on this, simply book yourself into my diary into one of my Pay What You Want sessions and explore this with me as your guide. Let me show you want you can’t see, what’s hiding in plain sight. Let’s discover what’s really in the way and find a way through the maze. Let’s make it simple.

There’ll be no judgement from me, I promise. Just a series of curious questions, a loving presence and a warm virtual embrace. From such nurturing beginnings grow new hopes and dreams and do-able plans for new businesses, new lives, as a fabulous New Year. Never too soon to start with doing what you can.

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