Do You Wanna Drive Or Would You Like To Dance?

When I first started my coaching business way back in 2004 I called it DriveDance. And people often ask me why. I was mentoring a brand consultant at the time and together we investigated the things I love, the energies I wanted to bring through my work to share with my clients. A list of those favourite things included driving and dancing and from that we created my first website.

And then I realised that driving and dancing are the twin energies of coaching, the yin and the yang.

Traditionally it is thought that anyone signing up for coaching will want more drive, more power, more acceleration. Those clients usually want more money and more success too. And they know the way to get it is to work harder, think smarter, create bigger and better goals and actively go after what they want. I’ve got long years of experience of working this way in business and it really suits you if you are very ambitious and in the earlier stages of your life perhaps – and it works! You are driven to achieve all that you can and be the best that you can be and you are impatient for success. You want it all and you want it now. And why not?   Good on you.

You are a driver. Your business manual is The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. I get you. I’ve been you. Thank Heavens for you; somebody’s gotta do the work around here.  I’m throwing you the keys to the Aston Martin now, brmm brmm. Foot on the gas, let’s go!

Do you recognise yourself as a driver or someone who wants speed?

And yet? And yet… these days, increasing numbers of people are being called to live a gentler life, a life of less.  You want to excavate your life purpose, be of service to others and follow your heart’s desire. You want a life without clutter, a life of freedom and you sense that less is more. You want to dance and have fun and find out what you’ve been missing. You are experimenting with going with the flow, trusting your gut instincts and you want to jump and know that the safety net will appear and that everything’s going to be OK.

Sometimes this comes later in life as we transition from ambition to meaning as Dr Wayne Dyer puts it in his book and film of the same name.  Your ego is starting to take second place to your soul. You still want some of the things you always did, but your old operating system is broken and you don’t want a fix, you want a new way of being.

You are a dancer. Your handbook is Do Less, Achieve More by Chin-ning Chu or Finding Your Way In A Wild New World by Martha Beck. You can force yourself to drive if you really, really must but you don’t want to any more and it’s getting harder and harder to be that way. I am coming to know you too as I take this path myself in 2012 and beyond and I always knew we’d want to dance. Unplug everything – let’s take the afternoon off!

I wonder if, like me, you are yearning to dance more, to slow down and live in the moment?

I help drivers to find their F1 fast track and dancers their pathway to peace.

Book either your Consultation or Abundance Call and let’s discover who you are; it is possible to be a hybrid too, obviously, hence DriveDance.

Your Biz Your Way

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