Doing Something Different For A Change – Letting the Train Take the Strain!

Train I’m always reading that if you want a different result, you should do something different.   And that you shouldn’t become a creature of habit bogged down in always doing the same things the same ways. So I’ve taken a big bold decision and on Friday I’m going on a train.   Gentle Reader, I’m doing PUBLIC TRANSPORT!

Now, I had a brief flirtation with buses about a year ago when I was between cars.   And I dont think I’ve been on a tube since we went to see Aida at Earls Court two or three boyfriends ago – 1989??? No, I tell a lie, I went on the tube in 1998 and probably again the next year, in support of my Sister-in-Law doing the Marathon.

I think it’s even longer since I’ve been on a train.   At the time I was driving a Mini Metro and was advised, against my better judgement, to try the train for a long trip north because it was snowing or some such flimsy reason.   I came home on a Sunday, engineering works, no heat or food in the train, took all day.   I pledged never to do it again.   I owned that Mini Metro in the early Eighties, such was the pain that I have stuck by that pledge for about 25 years.   Until now.

On Friday I am taking the train to Manchester and back, all within the same day.   They say it will be fine.   Its First Class at a cost of £114, they say there will be laptop access, free food and drinks and each journey will take only 2 hours, going at 120 mph.   I am in the Quiet Zone.   That sounds nice.

Will I like it or hate it?   Will it all pan out just lovely?   By the time I’ve factored in driving from me to Euston and paying parking and Congestion Charge and taxis to and from the conference venue in Manchester, will it be far too expensive and just as time-consuming?   I don’t know, but I’m going to give it a go; I’m going to do something different for a change.

The two killer factors in my making this decision were (1) I’ve only just got back from Birmingham and couldn’t face driving north again so soon but its imperative I attend this meeting and (2) I’m out on the karaoke razz the night before so won’t want to get up too early and drive when already tired.   How sensibly middle aged both reasons are.

My only dilemma now is whether or not to take my laptop or just chill out, read and do my Sudoku on my brain training gadget where you will be pleased to hear I’ve got my age down to 28.   What with 4 hours on a train, I should be a a veritable child according to Dr Ryuta Kawashima’s criteria by the time I get back home at about 10 p.m.   Fingers crossed.   Will update you next week.   I know, I know, millions do this every day but for me it’s an optimistic adventure.

Course, if I become a Virgin regular, I shall need new equipment, a laptop trolley on wheels.   Every new hobby entails retail therapy, have you noticed?

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