Fuel Gauge IllustrationAmongst my clients, there’s always a handful of people in the doldrums; down, skint, worried, anxious, fearful, low, vulnerable. Sometimes this will cause them to go into hiding. What we’ve discovered is if they share their vulnerability and send in an honest weekly check-in report, often good things show up in their lives overnight. Certainly we all pitch in with ideas and encouragement, me and the rest of the members of each of my coaching groups. Sometimes that helps, just to know you are supported and heard.

What I’ve learned from observing these doldrums in 2014 is that we all go through them, and they don’t last long. And that life is a cycle. If you’re up? Great! Guess what? It’ll be your turn next for a tumble, perhaps. If you’re down? Great! The next stop on your journey has to be upwards as there’s nowhere else to go from rock bottom. I just observe this going on all the time. What I notice too is that the cycle repeats. Also that the turnaround time from down is quite short.

It doesn’t feel short to my client, becalmed in the doldrums, only to me and the rest of us as kindly and helpful observers.

You know when people go on holiday for 7 or 14 days and come back and ask what’s happened? Yeah, that. You’ve only been gone a few moments, we’ve hardly noticed, nothing’s happened here, we’ve just got on with our lives as usual. You’ve missed precisely nothing, you haven’t been gone long enough. Get over yourself.

Or when someone comes into the office and announces she’s pregnant and you think “oh, nine months, that’s ages” and she has the baby TOMORROW! Or so it seems to you, because life goes so quickly.

It’s the same with the cycle. It’s fast. It just doesn’t seem like it to you there, in the middle of it.

But there are definitely things you can do to speed up the turnaround and they go approximately like this:

1. Get crystal clear about what you DO want (not what you don’t, stop banging that drum immediately)

2. Take some action, any action, get the ball moving and just watch the good stuff start to move in your direction

James Altucher offers this advice: How to be THE LUCKIEST GUY ON THE PLANET in 4 Easy Steps

Katy Perry says it like this:

You’re hot then you’re cold

You’re yes then you’re no

You’re in then you’re out

You’re up then you’re down

‘Course, KP was talking about something else altogether, by why let that get in the way of a good tune?

It’s the human condition. It’s how it is. It’s fine. It’ll be better before you know it. This too will pass. Be patient. Be kind to yourself. Do what you can. Don’t sit around worrying and moping, have strategies for that, but above all trust that this is perfect, just exactly as it is… however difficult, annoying and uncomfortable that is right now. Trust, that’s the word. Trust, that’s the main thing to be doing, alongside all the little actions which account for you doing your bit.

And if this particular version of life’s roller coaster ride is either too scary, or too boring, or too repetitive for you, let me know ‘cos I can help you with that.

Today’s lovely client said:

“6th October is when I checked in to say I’d destroyed my business.  We had a call on the 7th, I had my website updated with new offers by the 10th, and I started marketing them the next week.  So that’s 7 weeks ago, and in that time I’ve attracted a regular X client, a Y client, another ad hoc X client, a Z client, and I’m talking to two others.  That’s not bad from a standing start. Action works. So does Club 100* and having Genius Judith as your coach/mentor 🙂 x”

Couldn’t you just kiss her all over? I know I could. But, seriously, she demonstrates how quickly you can turn things around if you follow the old One Two. ‘Fess up. Take action. And look how fast – seven weeks! Wowser and well done, That Bird.

*Right now there’s 25% off Club 100’s fees if you buy a year (2015) by this weekend, Sunday 30th November 2014. Get in!


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