I Don’t Know What I Want To Talk About Today, Judith

conceptSometimes a client will turn up with no idea what she wants to talk about today. Oh good! Michael Neill taught me that often these conversations are the most powerful. It gives us room to explore.

I did one of those yesterday and two today and they’ve been bliss, for both parties.

Sometimes something deep and important is uncovered. Sometimes we just enjoy the spaciousness. We get a chance to overrun in a spontaneous and leisurely style, and I get time to be with my client.

Being with my client is becoming increasingly important to me. Being with them where they are, right now. Sometimes this gets overlooked when they arrive with a To Do list which we need to whip through in the coaching hour so I can be useful to them in a business-like way. And often the very organised and disciplined thinkers will send emails in advance, “warning” me what they want to talk about, and providing an agenda.

I love to be flexible enough to do either, attend to their wish list of topics or relax into their willingness to explore. Gorgeous. When it comes to not knowing, perhaps your ego doesn’t know but your almost certainly psyche does. And often that’s revealed if we just create the space.

Don’t know what you want to talk about today? Let’s just take a luxurious sixty minutes to breathe in and out and see what comes up. Your inner guide always knows. Trust your higher self and all will be revealed.

Space to think. Time to talk.

One of my clients today called this type of call “relaxing, nourishing, encouraging, lovely and restorative”. She didn’t know what she wanted to talk about but she got what she needed anyway. #BigMagic.

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