Making a Living in Your Dream Business: Podcast Ep 213

Today we take as the topic for our radio show What to Do When the Product is you, or how to make a living in your dream business. This came about when a client said to me (as they so often do) “Of course, what I really want to do is X…” after he’d spent a long time trying to persuade me of three more “sensible and realistic” ideas, none of which were lighting my candle or his.

Why do we doubt ourselves when the product is us? Whether a chef, a coach, a writer, an artist or a musician, when it comes to offering our creative output/ourselves to the commercial world, we hesitate, we doubt, we are overly modest and under-confident. We are sensitive and rightly so. But do we simply need to get over ourselves and get it out there, even before we feel “good enough” creatively or in any other way?

Nicola and I debate why we think this might be and what to do about it. She shares stories of where in her own life it applies, fashion design and sci-fi writing, and she also reminds us that Outliers proved that practice trumps talent every time so thinking of ourselves as not good enough (yet) is no excuse. Time passes anyway, might as well do the thing and go straight to it. We also discuss making it happen, prioritising our creative dream business and doing it first before our short-term paying work we might need to pay the bills in the short or medium term.

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In other news, Nicola describes her week as frantic as she and her team set about replacing sister Sarah who has been her trusted techie VA for so long. Her talk about standard operating procedures makes me shudder! But they have a newbie who stood out dramatically which is taken as a good sign and they are inducting and training her this week and next.

My own week has been good, bad and all sorts of a mixture of feelings: a small PPI win and the promise of more, my besties over to lunch at the weekend and feeling slightly under the weather and not in the mood this week only uplifted by my clients.

Our fires have been fuelled by the client who talked to me about selling one business and starting another, inspiring our focus today, and Nicola is chuffed to have sold the first copy of her book Attract 3.0.

Our words of the week are Month-End (mine) and Tight (hers). I tick her off for washing cashmere!

I’ve nothing new to report in Project Updates due to having missed my writing day on Monday, but Nicola is delighted to report that two of the ladies in her Write Club have volunteered to create content articles for new Writing Club World passion project.

We end the show by swapping who or what’s impressed. Mine is a Facebook Ad which appears to follow the marketing principles she’s been talking to me about for a couple of weeks, namely Frank Kern’s latest model. And she’s found a new crime writer in Joseph Knox and his book Sirens featuring detective Aidan Waits.


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