Early Morning Ideasfest with Susan and SBBM

I’d travel quite a long way for a good idea, me. And often ideas get a bad rap in my world because the last thing us creative entrepreneurs need is another good idea before we have fully explored and implemented the last one. Luckily for me, I no longer have to travel for them, my SBBM clients bring them to me in our Facebook Group and in our Webex calls. And last week was a corker for great ideas, a veritable ideasfest

I am grateful to my client Susan who brought me at least two good ones because they will be the topic of my newletter this week and next.

Susan’s genius is podcasting and you will have read about her in my Client Spotlight series just before Xmas. If you need a little reminder, Like her Facebook page to keep up to date with all matters of a podcasting nature ‘cos she shares some really good stuff. Susan’s goal is to get you podcasting in a way which means that all you have to do is turn up and talk.

In order to accommodate all the various clients in different time zones around the world within my fabulous coaching/mentoring group called Small Business Big Magic, our calls are set at five different times throughout each two week period and repeated a second time in the month.

That means that every other Wednesday I am up with the lark and with my clients at 0800. This is early for me in the current rhythm of my life but once I am out of my cosy duvet I am fine and firing on all cylinders. It’s just that initial wrench which takes some fortitude (which also just happens to be my word of the week). I also worry a bit the day before:

  • How will I remember it’s the 0800 call tomorrow?
  • How will I wake up in time given that I don’t use an alarm clock?

All worry is pointless and in this case it is doubly pointless because I haven’t missed one yet. Some magic gets me up. I have no idea why I even have those thoughts given that SBBM is now some years into this routine schedule. But there you are, I do.

This week’s call was a veritable feast of early morning ideas, and not just from Susan but also from Joanna and Alison. Susan is one of my regulars on that early morning call, and we often enjoy her breakfast together. Amusingly, the 0800 one is one of the two timings where we might sometimes see our pal from NZ but this week her tech challenges prevented us from being able to speak. Sometimes life is funny like that. And maybe that’s just perfect too.

Ideas are catnip to us creative types, they are like blood to a vampire. Honestly? I have no idea what blood is to a vampire I just realised as I wrote that sentence, but presumably it is their food and drink and life force or something like that? Like ideas are to us.

Frequently I use the expression “ideas sex” because ideas are thrilling and addictive and a rush.

Sometimes (rarely) I go through a fallow period when it comes to ideas but there is nothing better than coming across a rash of them, unbidden and unexpected. Do they go in threes, like buses? Does one idea beget another?

Susan and I brainstormed a cracker for her podcasting business and unknowingly she gave me two for my newsletters, though she knows now because I fessed up in our Facebook group later in the day.

My job is to help my clients evaluate their ideas and not simply to get and stay stuck in the ideasfest loop, but to take a great idea and put it into action. I can count on Susan to do that, or perhaps even to improve upon the one we worked on together in our early morning ideafest.

What’s your latest thrilling idea for your business and/or your life? Do write and let me know. How much do you love an ideasfest, you creative entrepreneur you?

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