Eight Ways To Be Nice To People

Big Issue 829  I found this lovely article in The Big Issue this week; it’s by Helena Drakakis.   I hope you enjoy it.

Tell someone how good they look.   How many times do people recognise when you’ve made the effort? The answer probably is not that many. It’s great to receive a compliment, and it feels great to give one, too.

Cook for someone. This is simple but effective. Invite a friend round and cook them a meal. You’ll save money on food and you’ll get brownie points for the personal touch. There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal, a bottle of wine and a buckload of gossip.

Offer to babysit.   Friends complain how they never go out, especially with their partners, so solve that problem for them for one night by ofering to babysit. Unless their kids are a nightmare, it’s an easy job. The kids will be in bed and you even get a night in to yourself. Perfect.

Help people on public transport. Ever seen a parent struggling with their child’s buggy or an old person making their way through a busy bus? It is amazing how many people freeze at the thought of helping out. Just do it! It will really make someone’s day.

Offer someone your place in a queue.   You’re in the supermarket with a trolley piled high with shopping and someone is standing behind you with one item. It won’t hurt to offer them  your space. Similarly, if you’re queuing in a public toilet and the person behind is clearly more desperate than you, do them a huge favour and let them go in front!

Learn how people like their hot drinks. It really doesn’t take much to know whether someone likes sugar or milk in their tea or coffee, or whether they like it strong or weak. You may not get it right every time, but you’ve made the effort to find out, and in the process made someone happy.

Place an item on a free website. Websites like Freecycle.org offer people the chance to give their old goods away and exchange them for others completely free of charge. Someone might have to travel a distance to pick up an item, but their face will light up at their new possession and the effortless transaction.

Take someone out. You never really remember the pair of socks someone has bought you, but memories are made of people and events.  What about taking someone to the theatre, bowling, or even out on a nice walk? You get to spend time with them and it’s a day they will always remember.

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