The End of Christmas Term

Happy HolidaysToday is the end of Christmas term for me, a date self-selected. As I write this, there are still a couple of clients to go and a few bits and bobs to do including a long podcasting session tomorrow and a final brief session with a client on Saturday.

I am encouraging all of my clients to have a proper break without keeping one eye on their businesses because I think it will be more refreshing for us all, and I am aiming for a digital detox myself and creating some guidelines around that.

And I’ve got some nice things planned of an R&R nature. I am tasked with finding the appropriate quiz for Christmas Day and, inspired by last night’s carol concert at Southwark Cathedral, have challenged my family each to write a poem. We won’t be reaching for sonnets or haikus (though I might!), we are more in limerick territory here.

I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. Charles Dickens

An old friend has invited me down to sit in front of her log fire for one of the days during the break, just her and me, after her houseful of guests have gone home, and that sounds just peachy. A nice chunk of trance-like driving offering up time for some creative thinking to drop in, and no need to stand on ceremony with my oldest friend who I’ve known since we were both ten years old.

There are four or five books on my reading list – Nicola Barker, Steve Nobel, Mike Dooley and Susan Hill.

I am intent upon re-establishing a daily self-care ritual as this is what I encourage my clients to invest in, and it works really well. Something of a body, mind and spirit nature which may include walking in these unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny days (no complaint from me there), daily juices (2), and journaling in handwriting as an antidote to the gadgets.

My plan is to teach myself to stop multi-tasking as I’ve recently read something I already knew to be true… it’s less efficient and it is certainly less mindful. I shall have time for this, and once it becomes a habit again, I shall always have time for this since it works better than the alternative.

I’m going to put up some blackboard squares on my office wall and start chalking up things which I may or may not share on social media. And I have a lovely 2015 marketing calendar I am also going to pin up.

My digital boundaries will be limited to an hour a day in the mid to late afternoon, after my Flux has kicked in, and the ambient light reduced to gentler levels. So if – perchance – you email me over the holidays, normal service may not be quite as instantaneous as you are used to normally. I make no apologies. I am switching off, we all might consider that. We could look up from our gadgets and engage with our loved ones instead.

There is something arty I want to teach myself. Hush my mouth! Art? Me?

And I shall be having lots of genius creative ideas, my favourite gift to myself.

I probably shall do about half of this or less or nothing at all, once I truly switch off and I find myself reflecting today how wonderful it is that I can love my work so much and, at the same time, be looking forward very enthusiastically to two weeks off. But I know it will reinvigorate and heal me and ensure I am really excited about 5th January 2015.

What are your plans for the next couple of weeks?

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